The Seasons Call

The Seasons Call



Mid way through the mild winter of 2007, a culmination of circumstance, timing and positioning led to the fruition of seeds sown some 10 years earlier. Collectively drawn through a period of adversity, resulting in fortitude, separate paths converged towards a seasonal alignment. Ideas became thoughts; thoughts became reality, note for note, chord for chord, a realisation, a knowing that a purpose was being served. Exposed and honest, natural and vulnerable, it soon became apparent that all the excess had to be shed in order for it to be portrayed in its pure form.
The Seasons Call.


The Seasons Call - Demo (2008)
1. Tomorrow Cries
2. Not The Only One
3. Crowded Hotel

Set List

Crowded Hotel
Tomorrow Cries
Sometimes I Feel
Not The Only One
Red Light
Just Another Night