The Season Standard

The Season Standard


The schizophrenic stepsisters Newschool Hardcore and Freejazz progressively rape the contemporary Funk, coincidentally grooving by. As if that wasn’t enough, they fraternise, walking forward hand in hand through the thicket towards full euphoria and yet only deeper inside the winding construct.


The music of TSS combines the energetic elements of hardcore with groovy funk passages and esthetically sounding components of the jazz and electronic genre. Playful rhythms meet lost melodic paths to coalesce in the next moment and devote themselves to the expressive. The singing leads through the thicket right to instantaneously danceable euphoria. Appropriately, the lyrics fathom surrealistic landscapes, always trying to cover up their tracks.
In its entirety the music presents itself as a self- contained unit, that reveals something unexpected every time anew.

The Season Standard was founded in 1995 in Meißen. From the age of 16, the members contributed exclusively to the punk- and grunge scene which despite the small-town environment was on the go.
The musical influences of the band members were extremely different and needed to be brought into accordance. The band began to fully open itself to the possibilities of rhythm.

In 2002 the band moved to Berlin where it was confronted with an overabundance of bands and possibilities. This inspired the band to completely dedicate themselves to the music even more. In the following two years everything that had mattered until then was questioned.
Musically, each musician experienced the most intensive time of his life. This spirit determined the music of The Season Standard to this day. The tendency to perfection is omnipresent in their work.
Always putting themselves in front of new challenges they grow together with their music.
This is on the one hand reflected in their techniques, on the other hand in the love for details in the arrangements. Always open for new influences their playing is characterized by a high extent of experimenting.

In 2007, after releasing their debut EP, the band had another metamorphosis. Adding more electronic and weird sounds to their music, The Season Standard focussed on more experimental and unique stuff... and left the hardcore-scene completely behind.

2008 marks the release of their full-length-debut - produced by Markus Reuter (Tuner, centrozoon), mastered by Denis Blackham(Led Zeppelin, Hendrix, Talk Talk) and with guest appearances of Trey Gunn (King Crimson). In spring this whole madness will flood the masses and TSS will tour the globe.


Caudle Cameo EP - 2007 - Digital Release
(Discorporate Records / iapetus GmbH)

Squeeze Me Ahead Of Line - 2008 - CD-Album
(Discorporate Records / Unsung Records)

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