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These Branches

Ship Bottom, New Jersey, United States | INDIE

Ship Bottom, New Jersey, United States | INDIE
Band Alternative Punk


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"Blank Pages & Blank Faces" July 2009

"This One's On You" February 12, 2011

"This One's On Me (acoustic tape)" February 12, 2011

"Solidarity Opening Day Compilation"- Getting By featured

"The Payoff" October 30, 2011

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Feeling a bit camera shy


These Branches started as a two piece consisting of Nick Hertzberg and Ryan Mortola after playing in countless bands previously together (Osterii, That Fellow, etc). They wanted to take the sound the previous bands worked on, but never quite fully accomplished. A quicker, catchier and more rock oriented sound was established by the band, playing their first gig on June 12th, 2009.

Following countless shows and an EP release- “Blank Pages & Blank Faces”, Nick and Ryan got back in touch with their friend Bryan Batiste, following his return home from school in NYC. Bryan joined up as a third member and rhythm guitarist in December of 2009. Writing for a new record began, as the trio pursued something none of the members had accomplished before in any band: a full length.
It proved to be a rigorous task for all.

Recording began July of 2010 and some scheduling issues arose while completing the full length album, titled “This One’s On You.” Nick and Ryan decided it was time to find someone who could meet a more permanent schedule, and Bryan left the band for the first time. A close friend, Paul Lewis, was added on bass in September 2010 to fill out the low end.

Just in a blink of an eye later, in November of 2010, founding member Ryan Mortola decided to leave the band to straighten out personal issues, with bassist Paul Lewis following him. Ex- Osterii bassist Tony Jaber joined up and contributed some bass to the full length, then exited the band without much warning. Bryan Batiste rejoined at approximately the same time to help with the mix of the album, and to contribute to new songs no longer on his native guitar (which he does do some writing for still), but as the drummer and back-up vocalist.

The debut full length “This One’s On You” and acoustic cassette companion “This One’s On Me” were released February 12th 2011, following some 7 months of recording, 4 members exiting and lots of hard work. With lyrics that deal straight in the happenings of song-writer Nick’s life (and those of surrounding friends), topics include loss, sexuality, friendship, love, social pressures, social expectations, home life, the seasons and how they all shape one’s existence. The album received much acclaim from reviewers and blogs since its release, and much of these comments can be found in the “Press” section.

Since becoming a two piece again, numerous musicians wanting to join the band were turned away, as a new mentality was concocted: a renewed desire and love in the music they played. This change was indeed due to what occurred those few “dark” months of loss members and problems faced, juxtaposed with Nick and Bryan truly beginning to realize their chemistry, as well as the meaning and the “sound” of These Branches.

A major part of the meaning and determination in the band has always been deep roots in the DIY movement. Crafting and designing 90% their own merchandise, recording their own music, booking/promoting their own shows, and even building their own amplifiers and drum sets are all critical pieces to this puzzle of a band. Some new tricks, including octave pedals and multiple amplifiers also gives the two-piece a full sounding guitar + bass assault to coincide with their always passionate live show.

At their 2 Year Anniversary in June of 2011, the band announced an EP would be released in the Fall by Kat Kat Records of Pennsylvania. “The Payoff” a 4 song homage to the failure of the industry and related relationships, but dedication to hard work “paying off” will be released digitally and on 7 inch vinyl October 30th, 2011.