The Second Hand

The Second Hand


A young, hungry, self-funded, and independently-signed rock and roll band with an all-consuming mission to conquer the country by driving town-to-town, vaudeville-style, in a custom-built RV/mobile recording studio.


The Second Hand is a four piece rock band from Boston Mass, combining a driving, funky rhythm section with acoustic guitar and piano. Listeners often draw comparisons to Bob Dylan and the Band, My Morning Jacket, The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Leonard Cohen, etc...


Live @ The 2012

Get Nice Records, 2006

Live single from this disc, "The Letter", currently has airplay on independent radio across the country.

Set List

We pride ourselves on never playing the exact same set list twice. Although we always switch it up, we usually also play most of our requested "hits" at every show, as well as a number of carefully selected, recognizable covers to draw the crowd in. Below is a partial list of our songs and covers:

Takin Over You
What My Baby Don't Know
I Can't Make It Alone
The Letter
Make Amends
I Am Still Alive
Wasted Years
Heavy One
Right Hand Man
Odd or Even
Lemon Arm
Devil Woman
Old Scars and Cigarettes
Take My Life
Shelly's Song
Flies On The Window
Drip Drop
Away From Our Own
My Friends
Sophia Waiting
Every Once In A While
Stuck With James
Your Time Is Gonna Come (Led Zeppelin Cover)
Everybody Knows (Leonard Cohen Cover)
Long Hot Summer Night (Jimi Hendrix Cover)
The Battle Is Over (Brownie McGhee Cover)
Not Fade Away (cover)
Things Have Changed (Bob Dylan Cover)
Worth It (Midnight Seven Cover)