The Secret 6

The Secret 6


Anthemic rock with shoegaze influence and pop sensibilities. Think U2 meets up with Catherine Wheel while attending a Killers concert where they are covering Swervedriver songs.


In the summer of 2006, James Killington former player for the critically acclaimed band The Killingtons, set out to form a new project. With perfection in mind, James mingled amongst locals in the dark underbelly of the Long Beach night scene. With luck on his side, he ran into Dorian Love and Glenn Coie at a random, smoked filled party. The three immediately hit it off and began writing songs under the name "The Secret 6." With differing musical backgrounds, the trio easily fused a collection of dance, shoegaze and pop that varied from one song to the next. Within the first month of meeting, The Secret 6 recorded their debut single "Familiar." After many intense auditions, Jon Sacks a local jazz enthusiast added his drum technique to solidify the group’s lineup. Building momentum in the summer of 2007, the group gigged constantly in the greater Los Angeles area. For fun, they revamped an old Killington song called "Give In." The melodic pop anthem landed them on the film and soundtrack for Penelope (2008 major motion picture Starring Christina Ricci, James McAvoy, and Reese Witherspoon). Soon after, the group released their highly anticipated debut album, "Close Enemies." As local buzz gained, Dj's took notice. Songs like "1992," and "After Hours" began playing on various radio stations such as 106.7 KROQ and INDIE 103.1 . After only a month of their "Close Enemies" release James, Glenn, Jon and new bassist Shannon hit the studio to create a fresh catalog of songs. Forging ahead, the foursome continue gigging and recording for captivated ears everywhere.


Close Enemies (2008) - "After Hours" and "Familiar" have been played on LA stations 106.7 KROQ (Local's Only Show) and Indie 103.1 (Check One, Two Show)