The Secret Club

The Secret Club


We're like one of those featherweight boxers you see on TV; not much to look at until we hit the stage and explode all over you. We are as comfortable with knocking people back on their heels as we are with making them lean in close, straining to hear.


There are strains of post-punk and hardcore in what we do, but with an artful twist to it. We like writing around concepts. We like noise. We improvise live. We project ourselves into the audience.


Our 2005 release is titled "The Sunday Suite".

The songs "Autumn Song", "Pressure Bed", and "Raygun" have received local airplay on Kansas City's 96.5 The Buzz.

Set List

Our setlist:

Letter Home
Ten Less Of You
Autumn Song
This One's For Me
Pressure Bed
The Nudge, The Trim
James Dean
I Sing The Body Electric
Pathetic Me
Lifetime Passing
Behold, The Sun
Isabel's Charge
Tonight We Burn
Blood For Lemons

We generally play single-set shows. We adhere to the "no silence, just blast away" school of set management.