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The Secret Dangers

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"Here's your chance to catch a great new band before they break. The Strife Rifle have Otis Redding listed as their first influence on myspace, and it's no wonder once you get a taste of lead singer Paul Janeway's soulful vocals. These smooth blues rockers are some of the best I've heard out of Birmingham." - Sam George


The Secret Dangers are, without a doubt, one of the greatest bands Birmingham has got going for it. Singer Paul Janeway could belt the Milkyway out of tilt. Man, that guy can holler, and that’s not the only texture he’s got in the box. He throws in some operatic bluster and smooth crooning for good measure. The equally excellent band rattles and hums around him in symbiotic sound, as tight as he is flailingly freaky. Just be there, will you? -

"Radio Interview"

Paul Janeway, lead singer of The Strife Rifle, was recently interviewed for Tapestry, a weekly show on WBHM Birmingham puplic radio. The interview can be found at the link below. - WBHM Birmingham


The Friendly Serpent EP
Candy Laced Wallpaper Dreams



Painted with many different colors inside a southern home ... while old records spin for days and days ... sometimes a smooth southern breeze soothing the soul ... other times a bizarre combination only found in prison liquor ... The Secret Dangers. They desperately try to make music that is not vanilla but more rainbow sherbet. Formed in the lovely city made of steel, they are musicians who have come from chapels and low-lit dirty bars. Lead singer, Paul Janeway, has a delivery that would rival any backwoods preacher. Filled with soulful vocals, he delivers a message, but it is up to the congregation to decide what that message is. With a flare on guitar that could truly be apocalyptic, Ben Thomson plays with a ferocious approach that sends soothing honey dripping from the strings. Percussion (Delanie Calhoun) and bass (Jesse Phillips) keep the underground transportation moving with an unshakable determination. They bring a unique, distinctive sound with the skill and work ethic that only seasoned musicians can bring. Releasing a new EP, "Candy Laced Wallpaper Dreams", The Secret Dangers showcase the range of their influences. Songs like "5 PM" and "Stranger" show a seasoned ability to deliver a classic rock sound far beyond their years. In songs like "Neon Sea" and "Snakes in the Pine" they bring forward a new artistic direction and creativity intended to inspire the indie music community. Defying labels and assumptions, we invite everyone to discover The Secret Dangers.

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