the secretions

the secretions


high energy rock with something to say


Dormant expressions of feelings and frustrations

Start out at foundation of rock, add some old school, a twist of alternative, toss lightly with techno; measure response.

guitars driven mad
powerful but tight rhythm section
give pause for reflection
on misfortunes of today's situation.


Battlefield For You

Written By: R.P. Stewart

without love
you say it's hard to give
well i got to find a better way to live

without hope
to see beyond all time
and return you to your place or mine

it's a fight
against imposing doom
and commands from the calendar room

see the light
your soul will keep you young
and bring you back to where you started from

i - don't want to see their faces anymore
seems - like i've this all happen once before
my god - i dont think i can take it anymore

they manacle mind
with chains that bind
and i'm lost at your front door

here's the key
savalation in a box?
with a lesson from school of hard knocks

it's yours free
with a rebate on demand
crisis management from an old tin can

soar pilot
who strikes with blinding speed
critical masses are not what we need

interpretive crusade
for strength to know when we have got it made

home - don't need to be no battlefield for you
wealth - it can't bring peace or make a dream come true
scream - out all out all those nasty thoughts you're thinking off

yield to the tale
that's up for sale
compassion without love


11-song debute cd titled "Fluid" (1998)
RP Stewart entering era of solo performer