The Secret Music Project

The Secret Music Project


--- Secret Music Project live recording coming later this 2009 fall !!! ---


--- Secret Music Project live recording coming later this 2009 fall !!! ---

"Haggai Cohen Milo revealed over a set of ridiculously infectious music that he's in the soul restoration business. Yessiree. He is!" (Graham Pilsworth, "The Coast", Canada).

The Secret Music Project was founded with the idea in mind of creating a new environment for musical expression and improvisation. The group tries to achieve more freedom inside of a folk-oriented frame. Born and raised in different corners of the world, members of the band have been influenced by a variety of lifestyles, cultures, and of course musical genres. When together, The Secret Music Project endorses these distinctions and uses them to create a unique musical sound.

Since its formation in 2006 by bassist and composer Haggai Cohen Milo, the group has performed internationally in various festivals and venues, such as the Aspen Jazz Festival (Colorado), Atlantic Jazz Festival (Canada) and First Night Festival (Boston). Members of the band have gained critical acclaim in the music world, collaborating with prominent jazz and world music figures; touring extensively all over the world; and receiving reviews and recognition from the "New York Times", "Boston Globe", "DownBeat Magazine" and "All About Jazz", among other prestigious magazines and newspapers.

From the pure melody lines and rhythm through the individual's improvisational voice, The Secret Music Project conveys a message that is on one hand complex and intelligent and on the other hand deep and emotional.


(The following are partial lists)

Haggai Cohen Milo appears on:
1. Bliss (Ilan Bar-Lavi) '08
2. World Collective (Daniel Wright) '08
3. The Duet (Omer Klein / Haggai Cohen Milo) '07

Matan Chapnizka appears on:
1. BBQ (Juan Andres Ospina) '09
2. Bliss (Ilan Bar-Lavi) '08
3. World Collective (Daniel Wright) '08
4. Old New School (with the band "Moontit" for "Jazz Revelation Records") '08
5. Random Thoughts (Yaniv Shulman for "Aleph-Zero" Label) '05

Alex Conde appears on:
1. Jazz & Claps (Alex Conde) '09
2. El lenguaje del Corazón (Juanito Pascual) '09
3. Common Ground for the Jazz Revelation Records label '08

Keita Ogawa appears on:
1. Mizuho Yahara for House of Jazz Records, '08
2. Hiromi Suda for Teftef Records, '08
3.[ki:r](Sylvie Bourban for Vizir Records) '08
4. River (OYARI) '08
5. 27 (Four Leaf Sound) '07

Set List

Sets can be between 45 and 90 minutes.

An example of a set list would be:

1. For You - a medium tune in 13/8 meter.

2. Oh Boy ('Wallak Ya Habib') - a medium-fast Yemen-inspired folk song in 7/8 meter.

3. Love Song - a classic 4/4 meter ballad with rock and jazz harmonies.

4. Blues - an upbeat 12 bar blues in a jazz style.

5. X Song - a mysterious feel 7/8 meter piece.

6. Theme in Eleven - fast 11/8 meter tune with melodies and harmonies inspired by the folk and rock worlds.

7. Family - upbeat 5/8 meter festive of arabic rhythms and grooves.

8. One - the concluding piece is a medium 18/8 meter melody inspired by the middle eastern folk traditions combined with jazz/rock harmonies.