The Secret Whistle
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The Secret Whistle

Portland, Oregon, United States

Portland, Oregon, United States
Band EDM Alternative


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Top Five Instrumental Projects 2010"

The Secret Whistle cats are a somewhat unknown collective of producers out of Eugene Oregon. Pac Northwest, represent! I’m not all the way on the up and up about their background, but from what I know, the group consists of two cats, one on the bass guitar (and other effects) and another on the mpc and tables. I’ve found myself coming home after a particularly shitty day and throwing on this EP for the soothing and calming effect it seems to have on me. I’m not sure I’d call their music traditional hip hop, in the sense I could picture an emcee rhyming over these songs, but they are more along the lines of a RJD2 or even a DJ Shadow in that the beats are actually songs, with their own exsistence and identity. There are some interesting compositions found on the project and it might not be for everyone, but if you are into instrumental jams that stand on their own, this is well worth checking out. - Bloggerhouse/WYDU


2011- Capturing Something (9/27/11)
2010- Who Would be Born Must First Destroy a World
2010- The Secret Whistle Presents
2009- Even Kings Can't Control the Weather



The Secret Whistle is an instrumental electronica duo based in Portland, Oregon. With over 40 recording under their belt in a few short years, Dan Friedman and Forest Gallien combine subtle elements of hip-hop, lo-fi, dub, ambient, and electronica into a unique synthesis of experimental organic sounds and textures, using various recording methods unique to their genre such as recording live drum samples, layering multiple live bass tracks over each other, and manipulating samples from old vinyl records. Highlights in 2011 included opening for RJD2 at Eugene, Oregon radio station KWVA’s birthday bash, playing to thousands of college students. After releasing 2 EPs and 1 full-length album, “Capturing Something” is the group’s first full-length album on Electronic Soundscapes, showcasing the most mature Secret Whistle sound to date.