The Seen Reds

The Seen Reds

 Redwood City, California, USA


The Seen Reds are a 6 piece reggae band based out of the San Francisco Bay Area. Since 2005, The Seen Reds have been writing and recording their own music, resulting in an unparalleled sound, which professes a message of unity and peace. The diverse background of the musicians contributes to a sound that has been described as progressive reggae or dub rock influenced by a wide variety of artists including The Gladiators, Agustus Pablo, Don Carlos, Steel Pulse and many others.

2008 was a benchmark year for The Seen Reds. They have been keeping busy playing consistent gigs in and around the Peninsula/San Francisco Bay Area. On top of gaining a loyal following here in the bay area, on May 25th 2008 The Seen Reds were invited to perform at the UCLA Jazz and Reggae festival, headlined by artists such as Stephen and Ziggy Marley, Capleton, Mr. Vegas, The Roots, and Rebelution. The festival was a huge success and was attended by approximately 35,000 people.

In 2007 The Seen Reds debuted with their first album entitled Leaf Dirt Mist and Cove, which was recorded entirely by the band in their studio, and at Expressions College for Digital Arts in Emeryville, California. It was designed to be outside what is considered normal, standard, or mainstream for reggae employing unique time signatures, lightly distorted guitar tones, and provocative bass lines. The floating meandering melodies of the melodica are always a crowd favorite, and their upbeat and energetic live performances always get the crowd moving. Their newly completed single Nature Vs. Nurture was officially released on September 12th. Nature Vs. Nurture features a limited edition track entitled The Rivet which will not be made available on any other releases. Leaf Dirt Mist and Cove and Nature Vs. Nurture are currently available on iTunes,, Digstation, Rhapsody, and other online locations. They are currently working on their second album to be released in 2010.

The Seen Reds can be reached via their email -, their website –,, on Facebook, or by contacting Rich Mihalek directly at 650-862-4206.


Leaf Dirt Mist and Cove
Nature vs Nurture

Set List

We typically play for 2.5 - 3 hours broken into 2 sets depending on what the venue is asking of us. We change our set lists for every show, and rotate the covers that we play. We try to play as few covers as possible, and we always put The Seen Reds spin on whatever covers we do play. We play covers by artists such as The Gladiators, Don Carlos, Peter Tosh, etc...