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These Estates are going through some changes right now. Please be patient, we are almost finished. For now, I'll try and write up as much of a bio as I can.

Formed in May 2007, These Estates debuted as a full band on the Regina Public Library Theatre's stage. I had submitted a CD-R full of his home demos to a contest at the RPL which gave two acts a chance to play at the RPL Theatre.

This somewhat auspicious debut gave way to a slew of dates with various local and touring acts, including a show with Juno nominees Saint Alvia. Over two years, These Estates have diligently played shows and worked up a devoted, enthusiastic following. A rocky autumn and winter in 2008 led to some lineup changes, but thanks to the drumming services (and considerable chops) of Ian Cameron they managed to work through their difficulties and record an EP right on schedule.

Our debut EP, I Can't Wait!, has been recorded with Orion Paradis (Library Voices, Amour Fou) of Soul Sound Studios in Regina. It will be out sometime this year. It's been uploaded in full to this EPK.


He Said She Said

Written By: JC

I started with a grimace,
You started with a smile;
You said, "It doesn't hurt yet."
I said, "Wait a while."
I told you that I love you,
You told me, "Don't say that."
You called me naive,
and I called you old hat.

And though there are so many places that I haven't seen,
You're the closest thing to many of 'em I have ever been.

You told me you were worried,
I said my love's intact.
You said that it's a theory,
but I told you it's a fact.
I told you that I loved you,
You told me, "Don't say that again."
I ask you if you love me too,
And you say, "That depends."

It looks to me like you could use just a little cheer,
And there's a man who loves you, and he could pull it off right here.

We Got Snakes

Written By: JC

There is a chill, a blast,
A scale, a note, the aftermath
We'll put our feelings in our past
And to the door we'll beat a path
Even if we arrive too late
It doesn't matter, there are no brakes
So look around, and say "Oh great"
Cause all we've ever had is snakes

We got snakes

Another locking door
We'll use our limbs, we'll use our force
And if it fails just like before
We'll just let nature take its course
I'll slit my eyes, you'll slit your tongue
Two animals become one
Above us, wires from rafters hung
But watching us they're loose, they're gone

We got snakes
For God's sake

Feel me coil around your bones
Making nests, and making homes
Emanating glorious tones
So now you'll never feel alone
"And so long after I am dead
And your old mournful skin has shed
You will abandon all your dread
and simply face the sky," I said

(Feel me coil)
Feel me coil and wrap myself around
(Feel me coil)
Making brand new sounds that shine like gold
(Feel me coil)
Feel my spirit pass through the emergency glass
(Feel me coil)
Feel new life, feel bold

Pop Theory

Written By: JC

The lights kept me awake
You wonder how I operate
You're under the impression that I made a mistake
And you're stuck here
The heights kept me down
You wonder 'bout sticking around
And in the bitter silence you produce a lone sound
Yeah you are near

Hold on with me
If you love me let me in
Take it slow so I'll begin

The times paint me anew
I wonder what is keeping you
You are black magic, some kind of voodoo
And you're stuck here
The times are nothing to blame
They can't help it if they're changing but you stay the same
The feelings are so hungry, not so easy to tame
Yeah you are near

Hold on with me
If you love me let me in
Take it slow so I'll begin


I Can't Wait! - EP - due 2009.

Set List

Okay, I've organized this into three chunks. The first chunk are songs we play at almost every show. The second chunk are songs that we play most of the time and rotate through. The third chunk are songs we play a little more sparingly. We draw up our setlists based on what promoters tell us we have for time, usually budgeting five minutes per song - for example, a half-hour set is probably six songs.

He Said, She Said
We Got Snakes
It's So Rad!
American Lover

You Have to Live With It
Natural Disaster
Fake Encore
Pop Theory

At Home & Abroad
Valentine, NB

"Copper" - Shellac
"The Needle & The Damage Done" - Neil Young
"El Scorcho" - Weezer
"Atmosphere" - Joy Division
"Low" - Cracker
"Lightsabre Cocksucking Blues" - Mclusky