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"Review of 'If You Only Knew...'"

Filthy Nights - If You Only Knew… (Independent)
I’ve recently downloaded a slew of John Peel shows from the late ‘70s and early ‘80s. Filthy Nights would’ve sounded perfect on a 1980 show, slotted in between a track from the Denizens EP and the new Family Fodder session. The noise they make, though influenced by punk, is neither a three-chord thrash nor a nihilistic declaration, but is considerably more measured and thought out. Honestly, they’d have been a shoe-in.

“If Only You Knew…” is their first proper full-length, and confirms their stated ambitions; making music which is gutsy, catchy and fun. Kicking off with “Dirty Beaches”, a frothing guitar assault, with more than enough verbal prowess to make it stand out. Arctic Monkeys, Libertines and Polka Party provide lyrical guidance, though “Sally In The Alley” employs a Cheetah Chrome riff, a cool juxtaposition of American guitar and English wordplay. “Teenage Nursing Home” is considerably more than a great title, and “Chinese Lovers”, here described as a bonus track – it was recorded at a later session – provides a thumping near conclusion, with great build and chorus that comes in waves.
Rob F. - Leicester Bangs

"Rock Sound magazine review of 3 track demo"

“If you like your rock on the indier side of things, checking this lot out won't do you any harm...”
7/10 - Rock Sound Magazine

"Empty Hands review of Los Debutantes"

Well. I had never heard of these dudes, and the cover caught my eyes. The font and the skin look of the dude; plus, it's hot! And when i heard the first strum, i thought, "oh some Strokes wanna bes". but noooooo..... i Think The Jam, SLF, Cock Sparrer; Adverts and Adicts. Upon peeping their myspace, The list the usual suspects: Jam, Kinks, Stooges, Bowie, Roxy Music, Clash, Stones. All those are appropriate. But i will be damned if i do not hear early Anti Heros, Templars - christ, the 1st 2 songs...take a gruff drunk voice and they are American oi songs.

Take a healthy appreciation of Krays, Red Alert, Nips, Joy Division - well...Warsaw, and even a slight nod to a lo-fi Fratellis; and you get Fi;lthy Nights. More pub-rock than garage; it doesn't have that pop snap (if you will; that repetitive head jerk).

All in all, this is a fesh combo of all these influences. It is amazing Brit Rock - with love for late 70's punk/pub-rock, garage, and good songwriting. This is not pretentious. This is mid-paced, intense rock and roll.

They are not on a label yet. and i can hear their maturity and their hunger. so, i hope if they get signed they do not get swindled into sounding more "garage" or "brit-pop" or something else that would hinder their originality.

"Cover Up" is between Menace and Adverts and the Stones. Brilliant.
"Stevie" has a ska beat that speeds up into that American Oi sound i am finding. Mid paced punk, with a tough chord.
"She's Free" open's with a bouncing bass line. Again, the sound is anoi-ish romp for the verses. The chorus is catchier, with gang vox. The singer has an Ian Curtis hard-on.
But that bridge riff is so oi!
"Die Young" could be a Joy Division song with a bigger rock sound, somehow.
"San Diego" i can hear the Bowie and the Stooges; but that bridge gets a bandying notes reminding me of Templars. But the chorus lows to get that Editors/Fratellis groove.

This is not all over the place - all these influences melt perfectly into catchy British punk. So good. Pick it up. - Empty Hands PVD


2009 - Los Debutantes EP
2010 - Sally In The Alley single
2011 - If You Only Knew... LP

Tracks from both Los Debutantes and If You Only Knew... have been played on Richmond Independent Radio in Richmond, VA.

If You Only Knew... is available to stream or download directly from the Filthy Nights website. Streaming is also available through our other sites.



Filthy Nights formed in the second half of 2008 with some simple goals: to make music with guts, to produce the catchiest hooks around and, most importantly, to make it fun and give their audience a great time!

Drawing on influences from the worlds of Rock, Punk and Indie, their swagger and sing-a-longs have been compared to punk greats such as The Clash and Buzzcocks, as well as more contemporary acts such as The Libertines. Add their fist-clenching solos and a hedonistic, contagious passion for having fun into the mix and you get Filthy Nights – four guys who just can’t help but rock out.

The band pride themselves on their engagement with their audience, hard work and zero pretention. They know who matters and want to entertain and include them. This has resulted in as many free shows as the band can offer and a free full length album in 2011.