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New Orleans, Louisiana, United States | SELF

New Orleans, Louisiana, United States | SELF
Band Hip Hop Spoken Word


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Studio Noize"

"This sista is one the music industry had better keep an eye on! ‘Can’t You Hear It’ (my favorite track) brings tight production and lyrical skills of an emcee who knows how to rock a microphone." - Lady ProducHer

"Jalisa Mathis, Editor-in-Chief"

"'The Kommencement EP' is a solid effort for TheSeKondElement. It is hip hop at its best." - Xavier Herald

"Tony 5kratchere"

"Your spoken word is the truth!" - Twitter

"Craig Gentry"

"I am completely blown away. [TheSeKondElement has] really transformed from the artist that she used to be, to the lyricist she is today. "The Graduate." was utterly amazing. It was deep, passionate & encouraging all at once. If I ever doubted her before, I am a believer now." - Twitter

"TheSekondElement: The Kommencement"

On her debut, The Kommencement, Bay Area-bred/New Orleans resident TheSeKondElement serves up a lesson in lyricism—an intelligent, introspective collection of message tracks and spoken-word pieces that at its best calls to mind the eclectic acrobatics of Q-Tip and cocksure charisma of MC Lyte. Also known as KAMMs TheACE, this recent college grad proves an apt pupil, sharp enough to call a spade a spade and stylish enough to stand out amongst the crowd.

A true student of the game, TheSekondElement isn’t afraid to kick it old school, packing plenty of bite, substance and integrity in her raps. She takes a look into herself, takes down haters and speaks on the current state of hip-hop. “Since I can remember, I been tough as shark skin / Not letting anybody see the pain I held within,” she swiftly spits over a spiced-up soul groove in “About to Begin (My Story) Pt I.” On “Girls Clockin’,” Barbie B-girls beware: “They say sex sells, but this ain’t a fashion ad / This is true hip-hop, and girlie, you are just a fad.” Not one to shy away from controversial subjects, she fumes at the “coonery” purveyed by BET over a Cab Calloway sample in “My Minstrel Show” and ponders the fate of the industry alongside local emcee Lyrikill in “Dead or Alive.” - OffBeat Magazine

"Artist Spotlight: TheSeKondElement"

With so many new artists popping up in this era, it’s hard to keep track of who to truly follow. One name you definitely need to know is TheSeKondElement. The Bay Area native has released her new album The Kommencement LP, a final product that’s come through hard work & overcoming hardship. Being diagnosed with Sickle Cell Anemia or going through a disaster like Hurricane Katrina could permanently stop others but has only strengthened her. Here’s your chance to learn more about this talented emcee/poet/photographer so hit the jump to get to know TheSeKondElement. - Kevin Nottingham

"“The Kommencement: A Diminutive Depiction of TheSeKondElement”"

With her debut album long in the making, TheSeKondElement finally gives her fans what they’ve been awaiting—“The Kommencement: A Diminutive Depiction of TheSeKondElement.” Riding the tide of her successful EP, “The Kommencement EP,” TheSeKondElement comes with an even stronger and compelling debut album.

On her debut, TheSeKondElement serves listeners a helping of hip hop in its rawest form. In an industry that has transitioned into a dance-crazed, production laden, mediocre and elementary rhyming slump, TheSeKondElement presents true lyricism coupled with complimentary track productions.

TheSeKondElement’s lyrics are best described as introspective poetry. Her love for words is palpable throughout the album. It is much appreciated that the beats and music on throughout the album do not overshadow her voice.

In a realm largely dominated by men, TheSeKondElement proves she can hold her own. Unlike most rappers of late, she avoids glamorizing an imaginary lifestyle and evades losing her grasp on her own reality. Furthermore, TheSeKondElement also avoids venturing down the route of many female emcees—that of sexually charged declarations. In fact, in succinct braggadocio on the track “Girls Clockin,” she makes it known that “all the guys love [her] tomboy fresh” and she’s not changing her style for anyone.
- Deft Kollectiv The Magazine


RAP: Rhythm And Poetry EP (2010)
Ms. Fantastic (Single)

Metrical Komposition (2010)
Who You Know? (Single)

The Kommencement LP (2010)
Can't You Hear It? (Single); Dead or Alive Feat. Lyrikill (Single)
Girls Clockin' (Single)

The Kommencement EP (2009);
Can't You Hear It? (Single); Dead or Alive Feat. Lyrikill (Single)



“They say I got the makings of a dope emcee, the blood in my veins of a Hip Hop Queen…so I’m striving everyday to achieve my dreams!” This quote from TheSeKondElement’s “1:10 to San Diego.”

A journalist, lyricist, poet, and emcee, TheSeKondElement (T2E), known to most by KAMMs or KAMMs TheACE, has been holding her own in the music and entertainment world since the age of 15 when she first began recording with indie label, Youth Movement Records (YMR).

Before leaving her Bay Area hometown to pursue higher education in New Orleans she was featured on three compilation albums under YMR and garnered success in California under the name KAMILyn, and even received radio play. ??

Her new life in New Orleans proved to be a rocky start for KAMMs: the infamous Hurricane Katrina displaced her only weeks after she began college. She spent a semester in Arkansas; never losing sight of her goals, she continued to write.

Back in New Orleans in the beginning of 2006, TheSeKondElement’s priorities changed and her focus shifted over the next four years. Unable to forget her musical roots she continued to write sparingly, but with limited resources after Katrina and so far from home the recording opportunities did not come as frequently as she had hoped. Needing to fill the void, she learned new skills in the arts. A graphic-designer and accomplished photographer, she used these skills to successfully network her way into the post-Katrina, underground scene of New Orleans. ??

A top priority for KAMMs has always been community service and philanthropy, with a focus on the Sickle Cell community. In 2007 she founded IdleMindz Media & Entertainment Group (IMMEG), the mission: “foster positive change within the community through media and entertainment, with a primary focus on the Black and Sickle Cell communities.” IdleMindz hosted their first major event in October of 2008, a Red Carpet Benefit Concert, BLACKout!, held at the famed Howlin’ Wolf in New Orleans. It was there that she met others involved in music in the city who would help make her transition into the scene that much smoother.

Since then she has been able to network with legends such as MC Lyte, Mia X, and Afrika Bambaataa and opened for acts like Curren$y, 88 Keys, Kidz in the Hall, Mickey Factz, Chip the Ripper, and more.

On May 10, 2010, TheSeKondElement released her debut full-length solo LP, The Kommencement, which includes Hip Hop as well as Spoken Word. The timing & title is more than fitting. Commencement means a beginning or start. It is also a ceremony in which degrees or diplomas are conferred on graduating students. Dropping a year & 1 day after she received her degree from Xavier University, this truly is just the beginning for TheSeKondElement.

The Kommencement has received praises far and wide from newly obtained fans that range in ages from 11-74. The first batch of the album was sold out in less than a month, a major feat for any indie artist.

TheSeKondElement’s debut LP is being considered a success, setting her apart from many other emcees, male or female. But her live show is what places her above the bar. Incorporating New Orleans Turntablist, Tony 5kratchere & New Orleans drum major, Danovon Bettis, the trio’s show is captivating and attention retaining.

They have played all over the country in places such as Oakland, San Francisco, Miami, Baton Rouge, Nashville, Mississippi, New Orleans and the list goes on.

Keeping her set fresh and the audience surprised she mixes raw Hip Hop with auto-biographical Spoken Word. TheSeKondElement gains fans through each and every performance.
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