the Senate

the Senate


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The Senate is a 3-piece original rock outfit hailing from Detroit, Michigan. The group leans toward the aggressive side of the rock genre, keeping a definate punk backbone. Pop and math also play a part in the writing, among other influences, which help to create a fairly unique rock sound. Songs work with structure, tunings and rhythmic interplay while still being lyrical. The Senate released its debut EP in the Summer of 2005 and is currently playing shows in and around the Detroit area.


the Senate EP (summer, 2005)

available for free download at

Set List

The set as it stands today:

1. Pirated Swan Song
2. Orange Juice
3. Pallisade(s)
4. the Going Rate for Nothing?
5. Dead to Rights
6. Post-Dated IOU
7. Goes a Long Way

time: approx 35 minutes.