the señors of marseille

the señors of marseille

 New York City, New York, USA

"For every music lover" - think sixties pop, but from the future. The senors of marseille make catchy, danceable tunes with interesting/unexpected musical twists and turns. Made for those who enjoy songs that jangle and get stuck in your head, but that are not formulaic or boring...


"The sun-splash jangle of California with a hint of dark-art New York" (Joe Puglisi, -

Fresh off their critically-acclaimed release on Holiday Records (The Drums, Surfer Blood, The Young Friends), a spot in indie-film sensation Delusional Downtown Divas soundtrack (with Lissy Trullie), and a jam-packed summer concert schedule, the señors of marseille hit Marcata studios (The Walkmen, Titus Andronicus) to record their recently released full-length, Tubular.

Things were not always this sunny for the señors, however. Matt Swope and Graham Bishop wrote their first song on a four-track tape recorder in a dingy closet with a Casio keyboard and a flipped over bucket. Struggling to come up with lyrics, the two took turns sing-reading from a Sears catalog – the song was called, one-thousand-pound capacity flatbed wagon. It was terrible.

Years after these half-hearted, college attempts at cool, the two flew from L.A. to Brooklyn and got serious (kinda). With thoughts and tunes no longer borrowed from the pages of corporate catalogs, Matt and Graham formed the faux-baroque/folk/powerpop band, the señors of marseille.

Less than a month later, before they had even recorded their first EP, the Señors landed a residency at one of NY's most respected indie clubs – Pianos – where they became known for their boisterous, danceable performances. At around the same time, they hit the studio to record their first EP, which includes collaborations with critically-acclaimed indie cellist Emily Hope Price and sweet, sexy vocalist Lillian Ruiz.

Excitement about the "señors of marseille EP," released late in 2008, came quick. In January ’09, recognized the señors as a Spotlight Artist and writer Joe Puglisi heralded their music as “a sound accessible for every music lover.”

At the same time, "Davey," co-written with Bartholomew Bishop, was featured on the soundtrack for Delusional Downtown Divas – an Index Magazine film series - with fellow NY rock and roller, Lissy Trullie.

The señors’ music was also featured in the film "Wildflower," which brought home three awards for Untucked Films at Tropfest 2008 - the world's largest short film festival.

The señors of marseille have received recognition from Mike Pinder’s Songwars 2009, a featured artist spot at, as well as blog and print media attention on all continents (except Africa and Antarctica).

Recently, the señors of marseille have played with:

- pow wow!
- The Beets
- darlings
- Air Waves
- Dinosaur Feathers
- Pearl and The Beard
- I’m Turning Into

They've played at popular NY venues, including:
- Cake Shop
- Public Assembly
- Pianos
- Spike Hill
- The Cameo Gallery
- Lit Lounge
- Shea Stadium
and more...

Tubular, the señors of marseille's first full-length, is available for download free here:


Hit The Floor

Written By: Matt Swope, Graham Bishop

They run they fall they reach and they crawl all over you.

Now everybody hit the floor, gonna break it down nice and slow, wanna swing around a little love.

Now everybody hit the floor, this scalawag's gonna blow us all up, you know it's more than enough.

Now everybody wants some more, and they call it love, but it's always something else... at least that's how I've come to feel.

The Coolest Girl In New York

Written By: The Señors of Marseille

She was fun as a gun on a non-stop flight
She had nothing to say but she talked all night
And I could only assume it was her sweet perfume that kept me there trying so hard
To get it right

She was cultured and clean but she wasn't to keen on laughing
"How 'bout the price of that drink?"
She looked up I looked down I looked around and around just to see there
She said don't worry baby, you aint gone crazy. Don't worry baby, I'm the coolest girl in New York!

When the heat on the street is too hot on your feet you got nothin to be why not be nowhere with me?

When the heat on the street is too hot on your feet you got nothin to be why not be nowhere?


Written By: the señors of marseille

You are like the bird way up so high
But you don't have the wings to make a flight.
(cher amour, je délire)

You are like the rose blooming so proud, but you don't have the thorns to cut my frown.
(cher amour, je délire)

You are like the princess riding in carriage, but you don't have political value in marriage.

C: And if I knew French I'd say Flee Flah Flay Le Pew. I don't know what that means but I still love you.
(je t'aime mon ami)


"Tubular" - 2010
"Davey" - Holiday Records - 2009 ( )
"cat scratch" (single) - 2009
"the coolest girl in new york" - 2009 Music Video Release
"davey" - 2009 Film Soundtrack (Downtown Delusional Divas at
"the senors of marseille EP" - 2008
"Here In New York" - 2008 Single/Film Soundtrack
"Cat Scratch" - 2007 Single

EP and singles available online (iTunes/amazon/emusic) and on their website -

The short film "Wildflower" is available at:

The film, "Downtown Delusional Divas," is available at Index Magazine's Website,

Set List

Typical Set: 45mins
11 Songs, all originals

1 Cat Scratch
2 Hit the Floor
3 Renaissance Man
4 France
5 Summertime
6 Silly Swing
7 The Coolest Girl in NY
7 Here in NY
9 Grace
10 Drop Til' You Shop
11 Davey