The Senses

The Senses


Representation by Don Casale Music, Inc., New York, USA


We are The Senses from the north of England, land of Beatles and Brontes. Our influences are many, from The Who to whoever. We only write catchy songs, because life is short. We are loud, fast and energetic.

Matt sings and plays guitar, Rob is the drummer and Giles plays the bass. We are from Hull, a city by a river. Our rehearsals take place in a semi-derelict warehouse in the old part of town. The writing on the wall says “Rock and Roll”.

“I will not reason and compare:
my business is to create”.
William Blake


Four Tunes Told E.P.

Set List

Times Getting Heavy
Listen To You
Station Platforms
Looking For Today
Bad Sam
Heartbreak Eyes
Just Maybe
High School Queen
Falling Star
Red Roses
Immortality Limbo
Why Does She Make Me Cry
Confidence Trickster
Ghost Girl
Rip Theses Stitches
Dead Fish
Capital Cry
Don’t Stop Dreaming
Rolling On Alone
Same Old Song
Made In America
Queen Bee
Dirty Road
Laura Jane
She’s A Hurricane
Running Out Of Track

We have other tunes, but they are just acoustic songs and we dont play them live so we haven't included them.
We only play 40 minutes of material for a gig, but have enough songs for around 1 1/2 - 2 hours.
We dont play cover versions, we are strictly an original band playing our own music.