The Sent Forth

The Sent Forth

 Fulton, New York, USA

We are a Christian Rockabilly band, each of us having a long history of playing music in that genre, and an undying love for the Savior. It shows in our Music. Taking our name for Matt. 28:19, and we have journeyed into the world to bring the Good News, and to spread God's word in everything we do!


We came together to Lead worship at a small church in central NY and found ourselves traveling around the area leading worship at several other churches. Our music seems to have a life of its own. We find inspiration in the scriptures, and in they way God works in our very lives. Taking most of our influences from our experiences in earlier bands, we favor a kind of country rock vibe that seems to catch the ears of all who listen. Our proudest moment came when we put together a Concert of local praise bands to raise money to help the refugees after the recent earthquake in Haiti. We are looking to expand our horizons and bring our music and message to churches throughout the country. Although we really hope to just widen our listening audience locally and hope it grow from there.
Michael B,age 49, gave his life to Jesus 10 years ago. After what seemed a lifetime of Godless marriage, as well as drug and alcohol use, The Spirit called to him when a girl he was dating led him to the church she was attending. As she moved away from the scriptures and their teaching, Michael was drawn closer. Having been a working musician most of his life, he immediately started using the talent God had given him to sing praise. At first in his own church, and then as word spread of his growing commitment to the Lord, many other area churches as well.
About 3 years ago, Michael was called to the small congregation of Federated Church of Port Byron, where Pastor Neil Strong had decided that he would like to start a contemporary Worship service on Friday evenings. As time went by other musicians joined Michael, coming and going, but eventually the band as you hear them now came to be.
Michael praises God daily for the blessing of ministry, as well as having been blessed with both the friendship and musicianship of Al Weaver, and Rob Brown.
“Together, our chemistry makes this band what it is. Separately we are good musicians praising God, but together, something wonderful happens!” say Michael.
Michael thanks God for this wonderful blessing, for his loving family, and the friends that he serves the Lord with. Most of all, He and the guys would like to thank you and your congregation for sharing in Worship with them.
Al Weaver is 46 yrs old, and has been a Born Again Christian for 4 yrs. now. Having played music for the past 34yrs., he used his talent for other things until God spoke to him through a dear friend a year and a half ago. It was then he realized why he was blessed with this talent, and that he was put here to bring God's Word to people everywhere. He thanks God everyday for blessing him with this talent so that he can bring Praise and Worship to others. Without the support of his loving family and this great worship team that God has brought together, none of this would be possible. For their support, he is eternally thankful. Praising with Mike and Rob, as they open people’s heart to the Holy Spirit, has been, and he hopes will continue to be, a blessing they will enjoy the rest of their days.
“I will try, with all my heart, to make God proud of me as he continues to call me to his ministry.“
In closing I would like to say, May God show his blessings upon you all, daily!
Since Rob Brown was knee high to a grasshopper, he has attended church, and has always had some rhythm. His grandfather noticed this and bought him his first drum set when he was 11. Raised a Methodist, he strayed from his faith in his 20s and 30's. Then, at the age of 35 as a member of a Wesleyan church, Rob re-dedicated his life to the Lord by being baptized, since that day he has used the gift of rhythm to praise God. Feeling God tug on his heart, he attended a Friday night service to hear Michael B. and the Sent Forth. The rest is history. Rob is self taught and loves to play drums and praise God in The Sent Forth. He and Al once played together as kids, and he feels blessed to have that privilege again.
He resides in Mexico, New York, is happily married to Brenda, has two sons out on their own, and five grandchildren. He has served our country in the US Navy and has worked at the James A. Fitzpatrick power plant for the last 24 years. He loves to golf and go camping.


The Rest of My Life

Written By: Michael A. Bolio

Lost and lonely searching,
Didn't I try to fill an emptiness in this heart
An Answered prayer
You changed my life and I realized I had a brand new start
Like a a wandering child you took me in
And showed me how your precious blood had washed away my sin

Oh Jesus, You died for me so I will live for you!
Jesus, I long to serve you for the Rest of My life

This gift that I have received
Is something I know I cannot repay
It's freely given you tell me
Son go ahead and give it all away
I think about the love you've shown for me
The Love you showed that day you took a cross
And Set me free


We currently have one CD out and another in the works. Both independently produced, with a local recording studio, they have a homespun appeal that seems to have caught on in our area!

Set List

Bringing in The Spirit, and Leadin' hearts to worship our Living God!!

(acoustic set)


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