these orphaned eyes...

these orphaned eyes...


A mixture of childhood nightmares and hope for the future. Waves of delay and chorus with a healthy dose of shrieking distortion and layers so think you can wrap up inside and say goodnight.


the beliefs and concepts behind these orphaned eyes... have been forming for a very long time. then one day it was realized in the form of five friends sharing the same vision for true storytelling solely through instrumentation. pulling from a plethora of sonic influences, such as; slowdive, this mortal coil, my bloody valentine, black sabbath, the cocteau twins, jean michel jarre, led zeppilin, vangelis, ghost, and holst.

these orphaned eyes... are living in los angeles, are obsessed with sci-fi and fantasy films, can hold their breath for a really long time, love asian horror cinema, have been known to use big words just to stymie themselves, and puts more love in every note they play than your mother did in those cookies you loved growing up.


presents- i've seen things; lost hills

presents- they thought we'd never know: shadow hills

Set List

not the state of the union. 9.15min.
found alive in the ice. 6.35mins.
indy235|4-2late. 18.35min.
quickly and from long distances. 9.45min.
our sets range from 38min.- 1.25hours/ 4-7 songs.