We're not cookie cutter. Every member of our band is into different styles of music and it shows. Our choruses hit hard. We've played 10 yrs together. Our live show kills and we'll go anywhere to show it. We just booked our own tour across the US and had the time of our lives. We are dedication.


What exactly is a bio? Our goal is not to bore you with the usual blah blah blah bullshit. We started then, we did some stuff, same old shit. In our case, we're always the doers, the life of the party and the center of attention. We want you to know that not a whole hell of a lot of interesting stuff goes down in our humble Toledo. But as far as the music scene is concerned, we have been bombarding it for about a decade. We all became friends at a very young age. Neal, Ryan and Kevin grew up within blocks of eachother, went to grade school together and graduated in the same class. Neal and Pete are cousins, bound by blood, and actually inspired one another to pursue music around the time they were in 6th grade. Ryan and Kevin began their contributions about a year later. So the musical roots of The Separation Tree had already begun to grow by '94. We played our first live show in '97. It might as well have been crack because our instant addiction has never subsided. The band had a tremendoius following amongst our classmates. When we finally released our first full-length cd in '99 it sold about 500 copies in the first week. We've played through many different genres and lineups over the years, because life is never a straight path. But the heart and the original members - Neal, Ryan and Kevin has always been the same. Pete has been in many other bands and had been chasing his dream across the country. When he came back from Los Angeles in 2004 it was the perfect time because our previous bassist was scared away by our commitment and drive. This was the point when we changed our name to The Separation Tree because it represented all the different changes we endured and the fact that we're always growing. We are exactly what any serious music industry professional is looking for: young, talented and dedicated. We want to be number one, we want to tour everywhere and get our name out, we want to be on the top of the charts and all over the radio. This is what we were meant for.


Suffocating Dreams

Written By: Ryan Rolsten

Music by The Separation Tree
Lyrics by Ryan Rolsten
Copyright 2006

“Suffocating Dreams”

It all starts when a dream sparks like
The light in life you hold
Hearts all beat to the same tempo
Boys frustrated to scream at the ways of the world
And burn in there own way
I’m not the type to lie
And stare and wonder
For the rest of my life
I’ve got to know
I’d rather rest my eyes
And slip to slumber
Then dream out my whole life
With curtains closed

And it’s getting closer, the dream
And we’re getting closer
So awake the dream

A lifetime of memories
Writes out these melodies
In my heart, in my soul
In my heart, in my soul
But you’re a whole
Lifetime away from me

The same passion we have
Puts scars on our backs
Marks on our feet
Yes, for this we’ll bleed
Hear the same screams
See the same nightmares in our dreams
Falling backwards
Won’t let it pass us by
Or hold us under
For the rest of my life
I’m breathing slow
Slow motion moving fast
Past all the others
Won’t cover up my tracks
No one follows

These Suffocating Dreams
Somehow they help me breathe

Hand Grenade My Heart

Written By: Ryan Rolsten

Music by The Separation Tree
Lyrics by Ryan Rolsten
Copyright 2006

"Hand Grenade My Heart"

Awoke one morning to
Sirens echoing silence all around
As we stumbled through heavy rains
Held hands in hurricanes
Hearts laced with hand grenades
All the pins stay in place
We never will explode

No one could ever
Hold on forever
In this place that,
This place that we call home
(In our hearts we’ll keep our home)

Some sleep on this ground we crawl
Through barbed wire
That we have installed
Still we’ll stumble through heavy rains
Hold hands in hurricane
Lace hearts with hand grenades
Will all the pins stay in place?
Will we ever know?

Red blood in blue veins
White knuckles carry grenades
Hands holding hands holding hands
Hold these pins in place

The Pause

Written By: Ryan Rolsten

Music by The Separation Tree
lyrics by Ryan Rolsten
Copyright 2006

"The Pause"

Verse 1
You ever wonder where the time goes
Oh, While your waiting
Does anyone know?
Wishing you could tie 6 years together
Replaying, but the pausing
(Is) all you’ve known

There’s a man over there in a chair
Wondering if anyone cares
There’s a girl over there hearts racing
She starts pacing again

I’m never tired of waiting, waiting, waiting
Tired of waiting for you
If love is patience, than I’m not anxious
Oh no, but I’m still itching for you

Verse 2
Above all things I really feel
I’m still in the pausing
Stare out the window of this hour glass
Into a world that isn’t mine

Shot arrows at my valentine
Praying this poison would pass
At last


I’m in the wake of a pausing hesitation
Meditation for you
I’m never tired, I’m never tired, I’m never tired
Of waiting for you

Pain, it should consume me
But it moves right through me
Floats above us all
Fear, she is my only contender
I will suspend her
Never surrender the pause

Chorus Pts 1 & 2


We've released two full length albums as other bands, Headcase and Echo of Silence. Both professionaly recorded and printed. With The Separation Tree we've released four EPs. All professionaly recorded. We're currently recording our first full length album to be released May 2007.

Set List

Typical set is: Vanities, Hand Grenade My Heart, The Pause, Musicbox, Suffocating Dreams, Thick as Thieves, Epic, Sharpshooter, Orchid, Love and Infection, Shadows Where Angels Lay. We'll play a set anywhere from 30mins to 50mins depending on the time slot.