These Pilgrims

These Pilgrims


Whittier natives bringing their own styles of folk and blues to a psychedelically modern sonic world.


Born from a common love for early-American-rooted folk, These Pilgrims found their beginnings in a trip to San Francisco. Four months and two new members later, the band found itself bringing something very fresh and original to the plate of Orange County's roots revivalists revolution. These Pilgrims balance themselves on the fence between acoustic and electric, plugging their vintage guitars and upright bass into amplifiers to more closely communicate with an audience's appeal to the modern age of live sound. These Pilgrims is made up of the collective minds and ideas of five kids accepting the fact and making the most of out being born in the wrong decade. In a live performance, they will play with time, energy, and emotion to deliver the most satisfactory set of songs a virgin listener can experience.


July 16th, 2013: Dang Ol' EP

Set List

Lonesome Ones
The Farmer
Far From Home
Dynamite Fisherman
We Have The Sun (The Waltz)
Weight Of The World
Rocky Racoon
Bad Moon Rising