The Sequels

The Sequels


Like a swift kick of musical adrenaline, the Sequels' eclectic blend of alternative, pop, and classic rock-n-roll exceeds all expectations. The Sequels are the new "power trio"!


The Sequels is a band that engages the audience on four levels: emotional, physical, intellectual, and spiritual. If you simply want to rock, you won't be disappointed. But, if you want something beyond rock-n-roll, the Sequels will take you to another level.

Established in the autumn of 2004, the Sequels hail from the Greater Cincinnati area. Singer/songwriter/guitarist Scott's earliest influences include the Electric Mayhem (house band on the Muppet Show) and Elvis Presley. More recently, U2, the Police and Brian Setzer (among others) have left their imprint on his style.

Bassist Steve is not ashamed to admit that Heart and the Go-Go's left him speechless as a teenager. His equalizing grooves and engaging personality provide the solid foundation to the Sequels, both on and off the stage.

Dan is a monster behind the drum kit. With experience playing in punk bands and in church, Dan gives the Sequels their mesmerizing backbeats, reminiscent of Stewart Copeland of the Police.

With catchy alterna-pop tunes and dynamic stage presence, the Sequels define the new rock-n-roll power trio.


Ode To My Generation

Written By: Scott Moore

Michael Jackson thrilled us all by walking on the moon
The nirvana we were looking for faded all too soon
The boss stood up for amnesty while the president played the sax
Frankie went to Hollywood and told us to relax

We grew up on MTV,
The factory made us sweat
We grew up on MTV,
Now we're all in debt

The Brady's were our model of a happy family
When Mr. Brady died of AIDS, we joined with Bill Cosby
The facts of life just weren't enough, They'd change most every day
Different strokes for different folks, The dogma of our day

We grew up on MTV
and tried to rock the vote
We grew up on MTV
and that was all she wrote

Our lives have all become a "Behind the Music" episode
A sordid tale of rock-n-roll
just waiting to be told

The hippies made us feel as though we needed to unite
But peace from dope fell short of hope and seemed a little trite
The yuppies made us want to die because we'd never be
As beautiful and charming so we turned to MTV

We grew up on MTV
Madonna was our queen
We grew up on MTV
Now our love's obscene

Forgive us if we're lazy
Nothing comes for free
We're the generation that grew up on MTV

I'm Still Here

Written By: Scott Moore

I have missed you oh so much
I have longed just for your touch
If you ever lose your way back home
Just call on me, You're not alone

After all these years
After crying all these tears
For all the times that you just want to disappear
Baby, I'm still here

I have never felt so free
As when you're lying next to me
All my dreams are met in your embrace
You could never be replaced


I know sometimes it feels like we won't make it through
But no one else has ever loved me like you do
When we're together, there's nothing that I fear
And all I know is that I'm staying here

My sanctuary is in you
Here the world cannot break through
All I ask, indeed, all I dare to say
Never take your love away


Free To Believe

Written By: Scott Moore

It’s happening again not so far away
That’s not our concern, We hope not anyway
When does it become a matter to address?
Our silence is a sin that can’t just be confessed

Free to believe, Free to believe
No one ever will be free ‘til we’re free to believe

It’s different this time, It’s not one maniac
More subtle than before, More brutal the attack
The Jihad is begun, and millions have been lost
How many more will we ignore this present holocaust?

Whatever you have done to the least of these
You have done to me

Never leave a fallen man behind to die
If one part is suffering, the whole body cries
Remember those in chains as if you were with them
If you forget them now, I’ll reject you then


"Revenge of the Sequels" is now available. Email Scott at to get it!

Check out three cuts from the CD by clicking the audio button above.

We also have two live cuts on the Underground's ( "Fall Brawl '05" compilation CD.

Also, check us out at

The Sequels have just been invited to join the Rumblefish ( team of artists!!!

Set List

Our typical set list includes mostly upbeat original songs with a couple atmospheric, yet soulful, ballads. Our sets lasts 1-2 hours, but can be adjusted for the needs of the venue.

1. Something Beautiful
2. I Believe
3. Trust
4. Dreams
5. I'm Still Here
6. I Am Changed
7. Everything
8. Cemetery Rain
9. Free To Believe
10. Ode To My Generation
11. Saying Goodbye
12. The King Is Dead...