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The Sessions

North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Band Pop Rock


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"Show: Richards on Richards, Vancouver"

At last, The Sessions took the stage. Guitarist Tristan Martin and bassist Tobias Jesso minced it up like a couple of British invaders while contributing meaty hooks and undeniable leg pounding rhythms. Singer/guitarist/keyboardist Josh Abel pounded the ground and bobbed his big mop of hair that looked like it came straight off the set of Fraggle Rock. The Sessions made the one-step, AKA the white mans shuffle, look good, and brewed up instantly likeable, irrepressible, original and unforgettable modern rock at the same time. They were hotter than Hot Hot Heat, and cooler than The Arctic Monkeys. Yes, they might one day be found responsible for the death of Franz Ferdinand. Their music transported me back emotionally to the first time I had sex, except that under its influence, I was as cocky as a grog-sodden pirate, and the girl was my sexy grade 7 French teacher. Exceptionally outstanding numbers included My Love, with the heart-felt refrain equal to The Braverys Honest Mistake, and 18 Candles, evocative of a dreamy synth-rock high school dance fantasy that never came true.
If you work for a record company, please heed these words: Ive heard the new Killers single. Sign these kids and get them in a studio, because the world will need them. - Liam Ford, KE ZINE Magazine

"Rothenburg, Germany"

The best 'up and coming band' in North America and Europe for 2006 is THE SESSIONS from VANCOUVER, playing rock and roll!!!. Their technique, passion and originality impressed the jury, the public and even the other bands, who celebrated with them on the Main stage. - Gordon Blyver


The Sessions came all the way from Vancouver, B.C. after winning the finals in Calgary, AB. It was instantly apparent why they had made it this far. They exhibited a great stage presence while their songs are catchy and interesting with a danceable beat that impressed the crowd and jury alike. - Emy Hawk

"Sessions to be continued"

Eventually, each member of The Sessions asserted his individuality
Until then, the four had a tendency to answer questions in unison. All four -- Craig Jones, Tristan Martin, Martin Kay and Tobias Jesso -- had been friends before forming The Sessions. All four had been in bands before The Sessions. Three of the four, Tristan Martin excepted, come from Lynn Valley. All four like British pop-rock and '80s new-wave bands and will name Blondie, The Clash, The Cure and New Order as influences. All four, in other words, share similar tastes.
"We all have our separate little scenes," notes Martin.
"But we all meet in the middle," adds Jones.
That middle area is a bright, upbeat dance-oriented pop-rock comparable to Franz Ferdinand. It's also attracted Susan Rock, wife of producer Bob Rock, to be The Sessions manager, and to propel the group into the finals of the Emergenza festival. In August they'll go to Germany to compete against 20 other bands. They are the only Canadian representative.
"There were 7,632 bands," Jones volunteers. "Worldwide."
Five hundred eighty-two were Canadian. The Sessions heard about Emergenza through myspace on the Internet. They entered, paid Tom Lee Music their fee, won three rounds in Vancouver, won the Western Canadian final in Calgary and won the Canadian final in Montreal. If they win in Germany (the trip is paid for by Emergenza), they'll snag a paid-for tour and make an album in Sweden. This seems to be happening extremely fast for a band that's been together less than a year, but they're learning quickly as they go.
It's new for Susan Rock, too. She's never managed a band before. Martin has known her all his life and when she showed interest in The Sessions, the group accepted her offer of management. She is well-connected after all, even if Rock is going step by careful step and learning with the band. Bob Rock executive-produced The Sessions' two demos and there have been record labels buzzing around who have seen The Sessions' rapid progress and likely are assured by Bob Rock's association. Here though, the group won't say what labels are keen. They're uncharacteristically silent.
Otherwise, Jamie Koch, who was in Bob's band, Rockhead, oversaw the recordings.
"We knew what we wanted," states Jesso. "He fine-tuned us a lot. It took us a while to get there."
"Jamie's on the same wavelength as us," Martin says. "He's into the same things we like."
"A lot of people ask us: What is our sound?" Jones adds. "We don't really know yet."
"We all have day jobs," Jesso volunteers. "Hopefully, not for long.
"We haven't made it," he continues, "till we quit our day jobs."
Although the demo I'd heard would be good enough to release independently, The Sessions are pulling back.
"We write a lot," explains Jones. "We throw out a lot. We have high standards. A song has to blow all four of us away."
"We all care so much," puts in Kay. "It's like our child, the songs."
"We just want to see everybody dance to it," Jesso says of The Sessions' sound. "Because we dance to it."
The Sessions can be reached at
© The Vancouver Province 2006 - Tom Harrison, The Province

"Sessions fever sweeps Canada"

Media goes berserk for international winners

Vancouver has gone Sessions crazy it seems… just 2 weeks. The 2 weeks following their win in Germany as the first North American band to score the top spot (mind you it’s only Emergenza’s 3rd year in North America and the first in Vancouver compare to 16 years in Europe) The sessions have also scored big with the local papers and television. The North Shore outlook went as far as saying “with their confidence high and instrument sharp, conquering rock star status may not be that far away”. None other than 4 different papers jumped on the chance to write about Vancouver’s indie heroes. Joanna Hadbank the music writer from the NS News said: “the sessions make me want to cuddle up in my bed wearing tight pants and white converse”. She also added: “their style is shaggy retro style mixed with punk”. The papers are writing comments from looks, style and other general interest and interviewing the band members getting opinions and sharing ideas about the local music scene and its state of being. The Sessions are also going to record a segment for a national television show where they get to play live in the studio. “We are really excited at the prospect of going to have the band in front of the camera here in Vancouver”, said Susan Rock, one of the band’s 2 managers (known as the 2 S’s). After winning Germany and being on their National television’s Monday night show, this will be the second time that The Sessions have being filmed for “the box”. Another paper, The Province, also took some interest in the band and wrote a big article titled: “They’re N1: First North American group to win Emergenza, held during music fest in Germany”. So there you have it folks. Emergenza has discovered the next big thing and it looks like that if this band play their cards right, that they will go a long way. - Mike Rophone - 20 Sep 2006

"Vancouver's best-kept secret"

North Shore rock band represents Canada in international battle of the bands. The Sessions make an impression long before they pick up their instruments and fill the surrounding speakers with disco-rock. Black leather, sunglasses and white-collared shirts paired with their long shaggy hair that falls over their brows, give the impression that the Beatles have reincarnated themselves into a modern-day indie band. The look was inspired by a Dior runway show. Bass player and vocalist Tobias Jesso suggested the band watch the haute couture TV program to get ideas for playing at a fashion show themselves, but more than the music caught their attention. “Music’s art and you want to put a good image to your art,” explains Tristan Martin. “It’s how we express ourselves.” The way you look has nothing to do with how well you can play, Jesso clarifies, but admits a little rock-star decor can definitely make a show more interesting. It’s a recipe the four young musicians have had ample time to test lately. A couple months ago The Sessions registered to compete in Emergenza, the world’s largest battle of the bands competition. After winning in Vancouver and the surrounding area, they were sent to Calgary where they won the western finals. They won again at the nationals in Montreal last month, beating out 508 aspiring bands for the chance to compete for the world title in Germany next month. There the four barely-20 North Shore musicians will compete against 20 international bands, who together have beat out 7,632 others. “We’re gonna play our little hearts out,” says Josh Abel, before forming a sheepish grin. The three-day festival, which allows the band to play for 10,000 people, is already sold out. The idea of playing to a crowd almost half the size of GM Place is thrilling, of course, but Jesso contends numbers don’t matter as much as the energy given off by the audience. “No matter how many people you’re playing in front of it depends on how much they’re giving off.” Their success hasn’t gone unnoticed locally either. Their first demo album was produced last November at Warehouse Studios in Gastown and the rockers have just come out of the studio again, finishing a second, which consists of six new songs. Playing the indie scene has its merits, but the boys aren’t coy about their commercial aspirations. “I don’t know why bands have this idea that it’s cool to be small,” says Martin Kay. “We want to be the biggest band in the world.” With their confidence high and instruments sharp for their first international battle, conquering rock star status may not be that far away. The Sessions play tonight at the Plaza at 8 p.m. Visit for more info. - Jennifer Maloney Jul 27 2006


2005-8 song demo ep
2006-6 song demo ep
2008-The Sessions is listed as in a relationship - 6 song ep
The week of 9/10/08 The Sessions is listed as in a relationship charted # 387 on the RIYL unweighted chart!
Singles have been charted on CMJ with over 60 college radio stations playing the ep. 13 of these stations are in heavy rotation!



In August of 2006, The Sessions won the largest battle of the bands competition, Emergenza, in Germany. Over 7,000 bands competed from all over the world. The band won three rounds of competition to get to Germany; Vancouver, then on to the Western Canadian final in Calgary and eventually the Canadian final in Montreal. The Emergenza Final in Taubertal, Germany saw The Sessions playing to an audience of over 5000 attendees!

The band has released 2 independent CD’s recorded in Vancouver at The Warehouse Studios in Gastown. The CD’s were produced by Jamey Koch and executive produced by Bob Rock (The Tragically Hip, Our Lady of Peace, Metallica, Offspring). The Sessions are currently working with Bob and Jamey to finish their 3rd independent 5 song EP scheduled for release in late 2008.

During the time the band has been together they have packed some of the largest club venues in Vancouver, Vancouver Island, Calgary and Edmonton and established a devoted fan base.

CBC Radio 3 recently featured The Sessions song Dirty Lovers as the New Music Track of the day.

Great news: The Sessions song Say Goodbye Adrianne has made it into the finals of the International Songwriting Competition 2008 in the Rock category!

Peace and Love

For further information on The Sessions please visit their myspace website