These Three Cities

These Three Cities


Feel Good Groove Rock


Write a verse; build a road. Write a chorus; build a home. A song is ultimately a city. At the core of These Three Cities are songwriters Jeff Beadle (Vocals), Rob Pretsell (Guitar) and Matt Rocca (Keys). Following in the same vein as the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Sublime and Blind Melon, TTC puts songwriting first without compromising on musicianship. Their latest and first full-length album, Kickapoo Joy Juice, was released in August 2006 to a packed house at The Legendary Horseshoe Tavern in Toronto, Ontario. Recorded the previous winter by Adam Tune and featuring Bruce Gordon (I Mother Earth, The Blue Man Group) on bass, the album marks a new beginning for the band. Their previous disc, Autumns Urgency, was released under the name Afflatus and proved to be a fun-loving stipend of rock and roll that manages to be playful without being stupid. ( The new disc takes off where Autumns left off. With songs of love found, love lost and love fucking you over, theres something for those swooning, those bitching and those punch-drunk. It shifts from rock to funk to ska, never ignoring their influences, but never being restricted by them. Having met in Southern Ontario during college, the band now calls Toronto home. They have an extremely loyal and quickly growing following across the province thanks to their recordings and their captivating concerts. Now rounded out by Chuck Dumaresq (Bass) and Mike Speer (Percussion), These Three Cities are currently supporting the new release with shows across Canada.


2006 Kickapoo Joy Juice
2004 Autumn's Urgency (Afflatus)

Set List

45 minute set of original material. Set can reach an hour and a half in length if needed