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"The Sevenate ready to bend your ear in 2007"

Chris Lee (Eloha) takes a bite outa the band scene once again. Formerly heading up Montreal's Goth Rock sound Talamasca, he breathes life in a new direction with The Sevenate. An assorted and obscure formula of Glam, Goth & 70’s Hard Rock. The Sevenate is sure to bend your ear. The band is currently accepting bookings for summer of 2007”. -

"The Sevenate Halloween Extravaganza @ Funhaus!"

The Queen ST. W. rave institution FUNHAUS held an all-ages Halloween extravaganza with THE SEVENATE and guests RETNA BURN and TAKING OUT MCKINLEY with burlesque queen PYNKY LOVE GODDESS; a Slamming night was reported by all in attendance. - - FAB Oct. 17, 2007

"The Sevenate GLAM BAM!"

GLAM BAM! On the hard edge of the spectrum from the up & coming Toronto band. - -XTRA

"The Sevenate kicked some major ass at The Bovine."

The Sevenate really kicked some major ass yesterday. The band was totally in its element at The Bovine. -

"The Sevenate's Rock N' Roll Soul @ The Horseshoe"

That was a great set at The Horseshoe. A dynamic combination of glam energy and rock and rolls soul. Purveyors of onstage swagger, this band is immediate in its scope. - – Lonely Vagabond 16 Feb 2010

"The Sevenate - First CD"

Possessing an anti-establishment, do it yourself vibe mixed with slightly twisted love songs, The Sevenate has created an unusual identity for themselves. Potential is definitely present. - Aaron Small – Brave Words & Bloody Knuckles

"“The Sevenate: 18 catchy Glam fuelled, Goth drenched songs.”"

“The Sevenate’s CD contains 18 catchy Glam fuelled, Goth drenched songs.” - -PULSE Niagara

"The Sevenate captures the danger and the fun at The Drake!"

That was a great set at The Drake, That irreverence, that daring, that showmanship of decades past. Thunderous riffs and rock power that's firmly rooted in bands like Zeppelin, The New York Dolls and Aerosmith. The fury. The danger. The fun. That's what The Sevenate captures - Lonely Vagabond 26 Feb 2008

"Rolling Stones Burlesque at Lee's Palace Featuring The Sevenate"

…At Lee’s Palace, THE SEVENATE played a blistering set of originals, while closing with a dirty rendition of “Honky Tonk Women” leaving the town hot n’ bothered and ready for action. - -SNAP Downtown

"THE SEVENATE with guests The Johnny's and Revmatic, Thursday Nov. 1st. 2007."

Proving once again that rock in Canada is as un-dead as ever with a memorable performance; Toronto's new darlings of diamond-hard rock The Sevenate strutted their stuff for the Halloween crowd at Rock N' Roll Heaven. Their high-octane balls-to-the-wall rock sound, catchy choruses and powerful stage presence captivated the audience that night… - - SNAP Downtown

"“The Sevenate are a veritable orgy of earthly delights!”"

“The Sevenate are a veritable orgy of earthly delights!” - -Queen Zorro, GRAPEVINE

"The Sevenate scorcher at The Bovine!"

“That was a scorching set at The Bovine, an infusion of glam, rock, unleashed as a driving, hard-hitting spectacle. Eloha is a dynamic front-man, Hem is a power-riff machine, and the band was tight. This has restored my faith that rock and roll can be free-spirited and entertaining.” - Lonely Vagabond 1 Aug 2007




“A SUPERIOR SONGWRITER” - Chris Yurkiw, Montreal Mirror

"These songs bring back the 70’s in all the good ways, a time when rock stars were rock stars…”"

“ROCK LIVES! These songs bring back the 70’s in all the good ways, a time when rock stars were rock stars…” - -Moe Berg, The Pursuit Of Happiness


LP: The Sevenate - Revolve- March 25, 2011 MotherHouse Records, Cyclone Records-Sonic Unyon Distribution (Canada)

EP: The Sevenate - Gift- 2009 MotherHouse Records, Independent internet only release on

LP: THE SEVENATE -Amour, Badass, Utsukushii- 2008 MotherHouse Records (independent) internet and at our shows...

GLAMNATION VOL. 2 compilation from L.A's 272 Records, international Distribution. 2008 (The Sevenate's song 90 YEAH! was included and got major airplay in California's college radio... features over 10 full length albums by our frontman Eloha as writer & producer including all The SEVENATE's releases.



A superior songwriter! - Chris Yurkiw, Montreal Mirror

He knows how to put together a catchy rock song. - Jamie O Meara, Hour

“Now I gotta’ lose a loser (...) I want to be free, free to be me, I was a junkie...” - Eloha
Flashback to Montreal in the mid-90’s: One of the most exciting and visual bands around is TALAMASCA. Fronted by a dementedly charismatic singer-songwriter, then known as Chriss Lee, Talamasca was THE band to watch for at the time. The local press was following them closely. Their hyper-visual shows in the tradition of Alice Cooper and Kiss, were attracting ever-growing crowds of freaks and hipsters dressed in the requisite “The Matrix” inspired Goth uniforms. Their albums; released on Lee’s own MotherHouse Records Label and distributed by Cargo at first, and subsequently picked up by Distribution Fusion 3, were receiving dithyrambic reviews by the media who all agreed their music flew high above the usual Sisters Of Mercy clones floating around. Capable of the most gorgeous melancholic ballads, followed by industrial-tinged hard rock songs with a sound that could compete with the best productions of the hour, it seemed Talamasca was on their way to the big time, so how come you’ve never heard of them?

Good question: The people who were working with the band more closely would speak of an uncontrollable, drug fuelled, difficult rock star who would even turn interviews into some sort of performance art, shedding tears, sometimes bringing a guitar with him to serenade the journalists and turn the tables on them with disturbing stories of addiction, sex and crime/jail... Chriss Lee was everything the press want in a rock star: A larger than life personality providing them with an endless cornucopia of shocking stories to feed their readers.

Here’s where it gets complicated: It all ended on December 9th, 1997 with the best story yet; Chriss Lee’s death by overdose-suicide, followed by an even greater shock: His “resurrection” two months later to the great consternation of all Talamasca fans and Montreal’s media who had reported at length his passing, with heartfelt articles detailing the importance of the mark he left on the city’s soundscape.

Of course, it all came from a misunderstanding: The rest of Talamasca received a call from his girlfriend en route to the hospital, announcing Chriss’ death but never got a call when he was revived...

Flashforward to the present: Eloha, enigmatic singer of Toronto’s THE SEVENATE, who used to be Chriss Lee explains:
-“My life changed radically. I am a very different person now. Chriss sang mostly about all that is messed-up in this world, the drugs, the prostitution, the homeless teenagers... I sing a lot more about possibilities, about hope and change. I didn’t think I would live to be an old man and I didn’t think the World had much of a chance to get better but now I think we might make it if we use science to heal ourselves and fix the things the baby boomers left us...”

“On our album Revolve, I sing about being allergic to cops, allergic to murder, allergic to guns, allergic to Springer, give me the medicine, give us all the science..., I want to celebrate being alive, being in love or in lust, I want to celebrate good friends and beauty, and creating beautiful art because I want to live forever! It all revolves around you; you are important and you can change the World.”

THE SEVENATE does it by communicating with their fans, one crowd at a time...
...And through their first album, a tour-de-force work of major songwriting, showing the rest of the World what they are missing by not taking Canadian music seriously.
Founded in 2005 by Eloha, hard-hitting & dynamic drummer Manny Dasilva (Gut Truck, The Mahones, Telejet, Random Order) & guitarist-singer Hem Advani (The Rails, Universal Love Attack) The Sevenate passed through a series of incarnations with various bass players, performing all over their home turf of Toronto and southern Ontario, slowly making a name for themselves and developing their sound. After releasing an independent album in 2007 and being featured on an L.A. compilation in 2008, the band took a sabbatical in 2010, allowing Eloha to go back to college; get a diploma in Addictions Counselling and Social Services, graduate with honours and create a non-profit organization named Artists With Addictions Discussion Forum & Support Group in order to inspire & help other musicians and artists of all kinds with their own drug problems.
Joined in January 2010 by bassman Brian Richards (Goldirocks, Garler) and later the same year by virtuoso lead guitarist Ben Raftus, The Sevenate returns in 2011 with their strongest line-up to date and having just signed a distribution deal with Cyclone Records, is about to unleash their first official full-length album titled “Revolve”, slated for National release on March 9th through Hamilton’s Sonic Unyon distribution company.
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