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"Bourbon Rock"

The Seven Minutes' barrage of fuzzed out southern guitar rock, garage drums, and gruff/melodic vocals makes me want to grow a beard, slap on the flannel, cuddle up to a bottle of hard, hard whiskey and stomp angrily around in a little shack out in the woods. They're like early-Wilco after a particularly dismaying night of drinking. And smoking. And drinking. Possibly cough syrup.

James Noll
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"Garage Soul"

"The Seven Minutes bring to life the soul of the garage with a growling voice reminiscent of an old blues singer and a ripped out band. Some liquor & a venue you can still smoke in; the perfect backdrop to this aspect of their sound. But don't get too comfy. This band's style can shift with the blink of a guitar solo on full wah-wah! An infectious riff-rock is awaiting in the rafters to rip your ears off and make your head spin. Your body will move. The lyrical twists and interesting content completes their music holistically. Settle for no other band. Don't wait another 7 minutes. Dig in to their recordings & live shows. The Seven Minutes, now!" - Greg D

"Filthy Dirty"

The Seven Minutes is… boisterous and bourbon-laced, rough and rhythmic rock. Some howling. Dirty. Like, filthy dirty. Utterly lacking social graces and even a modicum of respect for women. Yeah, they're pretty fucking good.

--Melissa Scott Sinclair
former Style Weekly reporter - Melissa Scott Sinclair

"Bourbon Laced"

They call themselves “bourbon-laced rock and roll,” and their fuzzed-out guitars and half-shouted, half-growled, still-melodic vocals do seem as if they would be best consumed in a dirty, smoke-filled dive along with several shots of cheap whiskey. Songs like “Bourbon,” “Haggard Stoned Drunk” and “Bag of Shit” mean this isn’t a set for the easily offended; their sound isn’t the only thing about them that’s dirty. - Brick Weekly


Album - Fast, Drunk and Mean

"Haggard, Stoned and Drunk (will just have to do), Love at First Sight, The Nihilist, Sweet Virginia Woman, Red Dress and BOS - All Available at



The Seven Minutes came to life out of the ashes of several different bands and recording collaborations involving Tim Gibb and Josh Taylor. After being separated for three and a half years as Taylor pursued a career in radio, the two reunited with a plan to form a new band based around the principles of southern rock combined with their love for punk, 60's and early 70's rock and one of their previous concepts known as the "deconstruction of folk".

Gibb and Taylor dove into the writing process and began recording this new concept to present to other musicians and friends to gain some insight on the potential success of their latest project. The reviews were overwhelmingly positive and they decided to move forward. Gibb had heard about a talented drummer by the name of Mike Andrews who was living in Richmond after honing his skills playing with numerous bands while attending Radford University. The trio got together for a few sessions and realized that they had a slice of fried gold, but no bassist. Andrews suggested old friend Missy Colombo who was a veteran of the Fredericksburg music scene as an option and she was soon brought in for a tryout. Colombo displayed an array of musical skills outside of just the bass and the boys knew that a band had been born.

The group diligently cut their teeth through thorough practice sessions and demoing out new original music until they reached the point that they were ready to unleash their unique band of rock and roll upon the general public. The rest, as they say, is history as the band generated a burgeoning following throughout the Virginia Piedmont and Tidewater areas. Based off of the success of their live performances, The Seven Minutes moved forward with their first full length album titled "Fast, Drunk and Mean" to be released on their independent imprint Good Pudding Records. The album was completed in December of 2007.