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Who is The Seventh Knight?

The music industry’s worst fear come alive that's who!! The music industry has for the longest dictated what artists will say in their music for the sake of the dollar bill! Straight from Funkytown Fort Worth, Texas comes a true emcee that represents Jesus Christ and Hip-Hop in a way that will shake the very foundations and traditions of what you know as “Hip-Hop.”

His given name is James Lacey III. Born in Fort Worth, Texas, he started out as a poet in 1980 heavily influenced by the writings of William Shakespeare, Gwendolyn Brooks, Maya Angelo and many others. Steeped in the Word of God at an early age, he was raised up in a Baptist Church learning how to be a Deacon. With the apparent popularity of Hip-Hop growing as a newly discovered art form, he was amazed at the unapologetic stance that Hip-Hop took musically and a fierce desire to be an emcee ensued. He started out breakdancing and beatboxing for different crews at first and then he started rhyming in 1983 during the time of the “original Hip-Hop” when B-Boys and B-Girls hit the streets and clubs. Battling was becoming a principle of Hip-Hop as well as storytelling, romance, catch-a-phrasing, and social-awareness. As time went on, he decided to bring Hip Hop to the church in 1985 with some rhymes about God. He called up three emcees and went to a local church to freestyle for God. At that time, they would beatbox and rhyme about anything! During that performance, the Pastor stopped us in the middle of our performance and said, “That music is of the Devil!! Y’all get out of here!!”

He then stopped rhyming for God, left the church, and started rhyming about what he knew: drugs, gangs, and death. As time grew on, his skills became more and more lethal. He lived for battling and crushing emcees everywhere he went. God was steadily moving towards him but he would move aside! In 1990, while in The Gulf war, he started hearing God call him back home but he still wanted to be that “hardcore” secular emcee so he began to work on a song called, “The Winner of The Race” about a gang member that eventually gives his life to Christ. He did it because he had already said to himself that he wasn’t coming back home alive so this was a way, in his eyes, of making peace with God before dying. He performed the original song in the midst of war! He received the “Mission Award" from two high ranking soldiers who also happened to be ministers. Seven years later, after a series of setbacks and tragedies, he heard God calling him again so he became a member of Campus Drive Community Church and rededicated his life back to Christ!! Reverend Billie Smith sat down with him one day and told him through The Holy Spirit, “The reason why you haven’t made it in the music business is because you’re using your talent and skills for the wrong reason. Instead of trying to the emcee that the world wants you to be, become the emcee that CHRIST wants you to be!” Later that year, “Darkside” died and James Lacey III became “The Renegade Warrior” a name that means “Traitor to the Devil and a Warrior for God” and with the permission of his Pastor, Roderick Miles Sr., he performed the same song that he wrote out of guilt while in The Gulf War and brought down the house!!

From there, he threw away four albums of secular songs and started working on a new song called, “The Warrior’s K.R.E.E.D.” which he considers his “war song.” Filled with spiritual lyrics that beat down demons and pledge allegiance to God, he performed this song in his church and the response was so overwhelming, it became the confirmation from God that he prayed for. For the next 2 years, he went to youth events all over Dallas Fort Worth performing and ministering to the youth about God and Hip-Hop. One place in particular, Arlington Youth Ministries, was the place that strengthened his resolve to spread the word of God through Hip-Hop. After the youth were bored with a band that played way past their schedule, The Renegade Warrior took the mike and got it krunk for Christ. The youth loved it!! In 1999, he performed at a Juneteenth festival hosted by Texas Legend Ernest McGee and brought down the house! He’s received “The Mission Award” two years in a row from his church (1998 & 1999) for demonstrating and ministering the Gospel to the lost. In 2000, he took time off to grow closer to The Lord by studying the Word through meditation and after receiving confirmation from Christ, he began writing his upcoming album, “The Warrior’s K.R.E.E.D.: It Begins...” an album filled with spiritual lessons, positive messages, battle rhymes, romance, catch-a-phrases, social issues, and stories that will keep listeners on edge. In 2002, he met Arthur Laster and from there a musical friendship in Christ formed. From there, maturity set in and with a name change to "The Seventh Knight" he scapped about half of his upcoming album to present not only new material, but to redo the mu