The Sewing Machine War

The Sewing Machine War


An experience in music. just an experience. we, like the ones before us, cant accomplish such goals.. a solemn attempt to act in part as the mirror in which dim reflections show us our flaws. to be on the other side. "God move our hands, steady our minds...simplify life to sounds."


The Sewing Machine War have written music for the opportunity to relay sounds to those willing. Different minds with nearly the same intentions, TSMW consists of Christopher Solyntjes, Joseph Mackey, Cody Duma, Daniel Usay, and Cory Duma. With the trial of music comes the satisfaction in creating and constructing our ideas. Love for this position forces us to run to life for inspiration, to a life reflected. What is living is our blueprint for design. The design that becomes something physical when we perform.

The sound that leaves our experiment is content without being labeled. What can be named that is meant to be purely an experience? Whether or not this holds fast with the songs produced, we're not convinced, but we believe that with originality comes trial and process. And we discover in our music that process brings unexpected results. They have become our achievements.

We will play music for the rest of our time here, completely sold out to the idea, sold out to making a sound that hasn't existed before. No plaques to straighten or records acclaimed, but if the chance does surface, the five of us will set sail. Lyrics happen from concept, and exist to turn transparent our lives. God before us and music after, The Sewing Machine War travel all platforms, and string together all stories to create an experience.


The Sewing Machine War EP released April 25, 2009