The Sexual Hot Bitches

The Sexual Hot Bitches


THE SEXUAL HOT BITCHES - two girls, drums, bass, hot outfits, 2 minute indie tunes about baking boys in pies, ninjas, kitties. A bit White Stripes/Shampoo VERY energetic and lively. Fast paced. A marketing companies dream: Anna B = Drums, vox and breasts. Helen Bitch = bass, vox and legs.


The Sexual Hot Bitches is just two girls making a LOT of good noise.
We're influenced a bit by indie, a bit by Rock and Roll, a bit by screaming.
Above all we want to be entertaining and fun to watch. We'll never be boring.
We've been described as "Shampoo but ruder".
"White stripes but funnier", "ridiculous", "bottom heavy noise that's a bit like the Fall".
We've been playing for almost a year now so are fairly seasoned reliable giggers. And we'll always hang about and dance for other bands that we play with, buy some gin and spin some records.
You need us at your party.


We've not released anything yet but Kitty is our favorite song.

Set List


Sexy ya?
Hot Pie #1
Soldier boy
Hot Pie #2

This all adds up to about 20 minutes of fast paced stuff. we have more or less length, sound (keys and glockenspeil) etc. Whatever you like!