The Shack Band

The Shack Band

 Richmond, Virginia, USA

The Shack Band is inspired by numerous artists through a variety of genres. The group produces a progressive rock 'n' roll sound which is coupled with funk, blues, and strong vocal harmonies.


What originally started as an organic, impromptu and free-flowing collection of musicians casually performing in the renovated remains of a dilapidated “shack” in Blacksburg, VA has morphed into what is now The Shack Band. Since 2010, things have changed. The band relocated from Blacksburg to Richmond, VA. A true lineup was established, with four members signing on. The songwriting abilities and sensibilities matured and improved. At the start of 2013, the quartet became a quintet with the addition of a horn player adding more complex arrangements and texture to the band’s already well-established sound. But, the one thing that never wavered was The Shack Band’s intent to wow new crowds with their off-the-cuff, high-energy live shows melding funky rock ‘n’ roll and soaring harmonies with a strong emphasis on song-writing.
In 2012 alone, The Shack Band played 120 + shows up and down the East Coast and as far west as Chicago, while performing alongside a number of national touring acts, including: moe., Moon Taxi, The Machine, Perpetual Groove, The Pimps of Joytime, The Heavy Pets, and Dangermuffin among others. Thanks to their raw, infectious live shows and incessant touring, The Shack Band have seen, felt, and heard the effects of their budding reputation and burgeoning fan base. In February of 2012, they released their first EP, Born & Raised, to a sold-out crowd in their hometown of Richmond, VA. For 2013, the goals are simple yet ambitious: hit the rarified level of 200+ live shows, release their first full-length album, and continue to hone their craft while writing and learning new material.


Born & Raised

-Got Work to Do
-Seal the Deal
-Before It's Over
-Down South
-Much too Much
-Picture Yourself

*Produced and Recorded by Jody Boyd of Red Amp Audio in Richmond, Va. Jody has worked with numerous artists including The Dave Matthew's Band, Carbon Leaf, The Pat McGee Band, and Steve Basset. EP due out 2012.

Set List

The band has an extensive repertoire of original music and can also cover a wide variety of artists. While each show is unique, the band's primary focus is on creating and performing original rock 'n' roll.