The Shackeltons

The Shackeltons

 Chambersburg, Pennsylvania, USA

Imagine a band that exudes musical creativity and power by using elements to convey a grand story: a stage strung with the warm glow of white lights, littered with flowers. They have amazed and inspired their audiences with their story of lost love and new hope. This band is The Shackeltons.


The Shackeltons began in 2005 in the small Pennsylvania town of Chambersburg. Mark Redding, Eric Fisak, Dan Schuchman, Josh McDaniel, and Jonathan Slick were the founding members. They came together with the goal of creating music with artistic expression. Their name comes from the famous Arctic explorer Sir Ernest Shackleton (yet misspelled). They use his story of struggling to survive and his need for hope to spread their gospel of compassion and optimism.

Their live performance only increases their ability to convey these ideas. They use flowers to symbolize compassion and hope -- lights to symbolize life -- they perform in uniformal jackets once worn by men fighting wars with guns and grenades, but The Shackeltons are fighting a battle to rebuild and not to destroy.

Each member of the band has unique influences and tastes in music. Collectively the band is influenced by Interpol, Arcade Fire, The Rapture, Johnny Cash, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Mewithoutyou, The Strokes, Joy Division, The Killers, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Spoon, Al Green, Make Up, Arab on Radar, and Can.

In 2006 Josh and Jonny left the band to pursue college. Josh was replaced by his brother Justin McDaniel, and Jonny would be replaced on drums by then 15 year-old Sean Hallock.

During the 2006 CMJ Festival, The Shackeltons debuted their new line-up at Sin-e where they were noticed by John Richards of KEXP and Loveless Records. "After seeing The Shackeltons live I realized why I started a record label," says John Richards, "When you see and hear a band this full of energy and passion you can't help but be moved." After Richards saw the band he approached them about joining his label. The Shackeltons gave this a lot of thought and realized that John and the others at Loveless and KEXP understood what they were trying to accomplish as a band.

In 2007, The Shackeltons sign with Loveless Records. They journey to Seattle to perform for a live audience at Neumo's. That night, The Shackeltons were surprised to play for a nearly packed house (capacity 1,000) and an amazingly receptive audience. The band was embraced by the loving arms of Seattle and it's KEXP loyalists.

After their performance in Seattle they went to LA to record an album for Loveless. They were be placed under the guidance of Wilco's documentary director, Sam Jones (producer) and, "Grammy God", Tom Biller (co-producer and engineer). The outcome: The Shackeltons 2008 debut album, "The Shackeltons"


the shackeltons - five army ep (DIY) (2005)
the shackeltons - live on 103.7 (2005)
the shackeltons - "red album LP" (DIY) (2005)
the shackeltons - live in pittsburg (2006)
the shackeltons - "green album ep" (DIY) (2006)
the shackeltons - "Creme ep" (DIY) (2006)
the shackeltons - the shackeltons - Loveless Records (2008)
the shackeltons - "forrest demos" (DIY) (2010)

Set List

(Long 45/60 minutes)
Kindest words
Get out
Yellow Cadillac
The Breaks
Your Movement
The Blood
The Ship

(Short 20/30 minutes)
The Breaks
Your Movement
The Blood
The Ship

we don't play covers.