The Shadow Committee

The Shadow Committee

 Norwich, England, GBR

Instrumental rock music. Sometimes with band, otherwise with laptop. Energetic guitar performance. Influenced by silent movies, travelling, Radiohead, flamingoes, cars, Muse, maybeshewill, and driving extremely fast.


The Shadow Committee is a project encompassing the work of composer and multi-instrumentalist Joshua Rayman. He creates a powerful sound that balances effect-driven guitar riffs with delicate piano melodies, blending them together with Peter Hook influenced bass melodies. 

The music is influenced by the likes of 65daysofstatic, And So I Watch You From Afar, maybeshewill as well as other bands such as Muse, Grammatics and Radiohead. Their first single 'Long Way From Home' was released in August 2010, followed by an EP - 'Sunshine Paradise' - completed November of that year.

Joshua is currently studying composition at the University of East Anglia and takes great interest in the dissemination of audio, with projects exploring both digital and acoustic (analogue) modes of recording technology. His research is culminating in a dissertation based around silent movie pianists and musicians. This has led him to become involved with the field of live-sound tracking and performance; with the hopes of performing a silent movie score for the BBC Norfolk Music Video Festival in September.

In previous bands, members have performed across the country, performed for county bands and in front of 8,000 people. Robin Synnot has been working with Joshua for many years now, first taking some of the bands repertoire out onto the stage in early forms as 'Unsteady Oversteer' when they lived in Lincolnshire. Now split between Norwich and York, much of their work is shared through the internet. This online collaboration made the fact that their debut gig being broadcast over the internet from a living room in Norwich appropriate.

For 2011, The Shadow Committee are planning to perform a series of gigs in different forms of transportation; create a video game and release an audio cassette. The planning, production and result of these goals will become part of a documentary aimed at exploring the situation of today's independent artists. Their next EP, provisionally titled 'Bijou Dream', is also expected to be recorded during the course of the year.

YouTube Links :

Long Way From Home (
Juxtaposed Solitude (
Sunshine Paradise (


August 2010 - Long Way From Home (Single)
November 2010 - Sunshine Paradise (EP)
December 2010 - Christmas Card (Single)

Future releases :

March 2011 - Radio (Single)
May 2011 - The Blackadder Rides Again (Single)
Summer 2011 - Bijou Dream (EP), tbc.

Set List

1. Entrée / Intro riff
2. The Blackadder Rides Again
3. Juxtaposed Solitude
4. Storm The Debutante Ball
5. Cover Song
6. Long Way From Home
7. Piano Interlude
8. Sunshine Paradise