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DGA & the Shadowless Figures @ The Office

Los Angeles, California, USA

Los Angeles, California, USA

DGA & the Shadowless Figures @ www.myspace.com/flatcatradio

Glendora, California, USA

Glendora, California, USA

DGA & the Shadowless Figures @ Cloud 9 Coffee

Murrieta, California, USA

Murrieta, California, USA

This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



The Abstracts. A duo fashioned from the shadows of soothing gothic, the shine of warm poetry and the blaze of devotion, set out from their garage to a cruel-labeling world with new ideas, a new perspective, and a beautiful voice.

Eighteen year old drummer, Tabitha Avedissian, and stout guitarist, DGA, are as bold and kind in person as they are in their composition; bestowing an affectionate milieu but always allowing the feeling of borderline chaos. Coming in strong and out with a bang.

The Abstracts had an almost strangling grasp on my attention. The song I loved was "Call For Innocence." Played about halfway through their performance, "Call For Innocence" commences with a singing duet between the two, and eases into a melody indescribable.

If you were to hear them or see them live, you can either look for them online at myspace.com/theabstracts or simply refer to our Upcoming Concerts column. - Backstage Pass


The EP Before The LP - promotional release only 2006.

Damaged Goods EP - released April 10, 2007


Feeling a bit camera shy



Before the music, there was a boy by the name of Derick Aguilar. He was born June 5th 1984 in Los Angeles, California to immigrant parents, the older of two children. From the day he was born, he was never full accepted and shunned. He looked different, he acted different, and nobody really understood him. Not his parents, not his friends, nobody. He spent many days alone, in his room, with only his imagination to keep him company. His growing imagination led Derick toward a fascination to sketching as he got older he continued his drawing, and he kept it up all thru out his childhood. He originally planed to pursue a career in animation, up until his high school years, when began his next addiction... music.

His path toward, what would later become, his calling in life started in 9th grade when he first picked up a guitar. It was as if he was destined to play, all it took was learning one chord and Derick was hooked for life. The sweet sounds of heavy distortion consumed his life, leading him to abandon his dream for animation and devoting his life to perfecting his art in music. With co-writer and close friend Matthew Peterkin and drummer Wes Hawkes, formed PaliN, which developed a small but strong following in the San Gabriel Valley. Derick's life changed forever the day PaliN was formed. He cast aside the person he once was and took on a new form, a new name. He became DGA.

PaliN’s run lasted for 3 years, playing everywhere from backyards to the Whiskey and Knitting Factory in Hollywood, before D left in 2005, the remaining two formed the band The Human Machine and stayed a SGV favorite to this day. Since the split, D has gone on to bigger and better things. He’s written and recorded with Oingo Boingo bassist John Avila, composed songs for both Hollywood Super Agent Chuck Harris and record producer JC Phillips, even co-hosted the radio program Coup De Tat on Indie 103.1FM with dj and friend TK.

D is currently working on the follow up to his album "Damanged Goods EP." His latest project, called "The Love & Madness EP," will be a 5 track demo with songs unlike his previous effort. The songs are louder, angrier, and harder. With the title track "Love & Madness" being the most aggressive of the five and the first single off the record.

What happens after that is up in the air. Some will love the music others will hate it. The follow up maybe more of the same or something completely different, D has a tendency to hop around genres, never committing to one sound. How does one find out which side they stand on? They must listen, and judge for themselves.

Damaged Goods EP is available at CDBaby.com and on iTunes.