The Shadow Line

The Shadow Line


Indie pop, sometimes barely new wave/garage, this Rome-based, four piece is like a local coordinate between We Are Scientists and somehow Kaiser Chiefs.


Bands we shared the stage with:


The Others (UK)


Yeti (UK)
Test Icicles (UK)
The Show is the Rainbow (USA)
Confuse the Cat (Belgium)
Les Fauves (ITA)
The Violets (UK)
These New Puritans (UK)
Giorgio Canali e Rossofuoco (ITA)


Ministri (ITA)
Shitdisco (UK)
The Pink Rays (ITA)
Lucky Soul (UK)
The Banshee(ITA)


Land of Talk (CA)
Damien* (ITA)
Casino Royale(ITA)
The Futureheads (UK)
Slut (GER)


Fast Century (album, 2008)
Elvis lives, Paul is dead and I'm feeling very well (EP, 2007)
Erasing Mind (2007)
You ain't nothing but a lot of talk and a badge (EP, 2005)
Nowhere (EP, 2004)
EP#1 (EP, 2003)

Set List

Setlist (about 45 min)
1. Untitled
2. Rock the city
3. Commercial
4. One Shot Hit
5. Stab in the Back
6. Ordinary Face
7. Stoned
8. Hi-Hat
9. The Crash
10. Erasing Mind
11. God Save my Soul
12. When I Meet You