the shadows smile

the shadows smile


From the darkest graveyards of New England "The Shadows Smiles" underground sounds is beginning to penetrate the night. With dark lyrics and morbid music the world will become nothing but a memory of sunny days and sleep filled nights.


With the morbid and macabre lyrics of Bubba Grimm along with the melodic driving guitar sound of Dracolupus The Shadows Smile is becoming a well known band around the Massachusetts area in the gothic underground community as well as the Massachusetts metal scene. Along with bassist Weeds and Buttons, The Shadows Smile have finished their debut album, while playing shows around the Massachusetts and New Hampshire area. At places like the paradise, the paradise lounge, the middle east downstairs and upstairs, sky bar, The rox and The Compound and Steppin Out.


Memento Mori ep, Arise ep and Dead/Alive ep, Ghosts of olde new england lp.
Memento Mori, Children of the Night, Vampires Embrace, Tonight, and our cover of Stigmata Martyr have been played on internet radio stations/ programs such as m.i.t. radio, Overload Coven Radio, Official Goth Radio, Louis-Lestats 120 mins, The mix, Wylde Radio, Nevermore Radio and more. The Shadows Smile are endorsed by bloody mary makeup inc.

Set List

Ghosts of olde New England
The crone
White Zombie
Vampires Embrace
Momento Mori
Sleepy Hollow