The Shake Down

The Shake Down

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Soul the Interrogator and Nickels Hawkeye of Oldominion have a very fun and energetic vibe to their style of hip hop. Intellect and enjoyable stage presence combine in this group! The Shake Down brings back musical integrity in hip hop and a joy of life that is rarely seen in the genre. Book em!


The Shake Down was designed to bring back the musical enchantment of the "golden era" of hip hop, but with the lyrical content that contains relevant and poignant perspectives. What Nickels Hawkeye and Soul the Interrogator have been hearing on the radio has brought them to a place where they feel burdened to bring back the sound that led them both to fall in love with hip hop in the first place.
There are many things in life to talk about that hold more importance than what artists and labels have been dishing out to the general public. It's time for the industry to get a good, solid SHAKE DOWN!!! Reminding the listeners what quality hip hop sounds like is The Shake Down's mission.


Break Neck Speed E.P. - 2012 | Soundmind Artists

Set List

1. Break Neck Speed
2. God Speed - f. Rachael & Zeca Teixeira
3. Forum
4. Bi-Polar
5. Speak Life