The Shaker Pegs

The Shaker Pegs

 New York City, New York, USA

2009 saw the release of Blue Moon, the first full album release from New York City band The Shaker Pegs. The sound of the three-piece rock outfit has impressed audiences over the past year, drawing comparisons to the sound of the 60s British Invasion and American rock and roll revivalism.


The Shaker Pegs are a three-piece rock-and-roll band looking to take the world by storm by playing their infectious music to everyone and anyone willing to listen. Originally formed by longtime friends Mark Piro and Chris Memoli, The Shaker Pegs have always insisted on creating a sound that harkens back to the magic of their favorite records of the 1950s and 1960s but with their own unique spin. This fusion has created an exciting sound that encourages listeners to tap their toes and snap their fingers. Simply put, The Shaker Pegs make music fun again and make people dance.
The band's debut album, Blue Moon, displayed the raw and melodic sound that was always present at their live shows, just now put to tape for listeners to enjoy over and over again. Blue Moon enjoyed positive reviews from Powerpopaholic and Pop Garden radio as well as constant airplay on New York radio station WFMU.
The Shaker Pegs are now focusing their attention on a forthcoming 7" single release as well as a extensive tour in the spring.


2009-Blue Moon
2010-Forthcoming 7" release