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The Shaking Sensations

Copenhagen, Capital Region, Denmark | INDIE

Copenhagen, Capital Region, Denmark | INDIE
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"Predictably pleasing post-rock"

The post-rock world is somewhat dominated by Godspeedyou!Blackemperor, Mogwai and Explosions In The Sky. This trio alone can sell out pretty much anywhere they play, as Godspeeds recent tour ably demonstrates and the forthcoming Explosions In The Sky show at Brixton Academy is destined to go the same way. Kinski don’t do too badly either. But there is room for more and the Shaking Sensations, heralding from Denmark, are the latest to step up to the post-rock mantle. Their music is as you would imagine; long symphonies of feedback and crunching distortion, single picked notes hanging around as delay grabs and sustains them, holding for the inevitable lull in the noise, upon which pretty soon - Subba-Culture

"Dreamy post-rock"

Copenhagen five piece The Shaking Sensations produce instrumental post-rock in its purest form; unadulterated epic noise, slow dreamy starts w ith the tracks building inexorably tow ards the climax of a rushing w all of sound and of course even at only six tracks the album still breaks 45 minutes in length. It is mostly very predictable post-rock fare as a result of this formulaic approach. How ever, it is also very beautifully done w ith some gorgeous moments like the echoed tremolo guitar on opener 'All That Ever Lives W ill Live Forever!', the skilfully w oven marching drum beats and rising/falling guitars of 'Home Is W here The Heart Is' and the blissfully melancholic melodic guitars of 'The Obsidian Sea' which also builds to one of the most ear meltingly loud moments on the record. So The Shaking Sensations aren't really attempting anything new on this record and there is actually very little variation betw een tracks, w ith the same template used for each and this may lead the uninitiated listener to call it samey. How ever there are many nice little touches should you care to invest an hour to sit and listen intently. Overall this is a beautifully dreamy album and rises to moments of impressive pow er and noise which enfold you in sw eetness and sw eep you aw ay. The size of the sound is aided by having two drummers on board; they really do create some huge all encompassing moments. Often as the tracks crash tow ards and though their inevitable crescendos you can feel your skin prickle as you get lost in the sheer thrill of the intensity of noise and it's this that often draw s in fans of the genre and w ill probably have them repeat playing this album. Review by Emma Gould, Rating 10/13 - Room Thirteen

"Post-rock upstarts"

With a name like that you would expect them to be some awful 50’s throwback outfit and the fact that they hail from Denmark would do nothing to dispel that myth. Fortunately for all concerned there is little chance of seeing a stand-up double bass here because these guys ply a neat little trade in the heavier post-rock. They are part of what I hope is a new generation who take bands like mono as an influence as much as they do Godspeed and are ready and willing to carry the torch for expressive instrumental based rock music to a new legion of fans. I just hope all the records that arise from this new wave are as good as ‘East of Youth’ Review by James Betty, Rating: 4/5 - Big Cheese Magazine

"The Shaking Sensations - East of Youth"

Post-rock magic tricks from Denmark here, with a hint of Sigur Ros’ icicles forming on tracks such as ‘Our Hearts Were Young and Gay’. Unusually for a post-rock band they’re quite agile too; ‘Home is Where The Heart Is’ whips its glittering atmosphere into a fever, while ‘Homage to Boyhood’ breaks out the heaviness for an eight minute twinkle-rock odyssey. Review by CS, rating: 4/5 - Artrocker Magazine (UK)

"Brand new post-rock from the frozen north"

If TV show The Killing signalled Denmark’s emergence as a bleak-yet-potent visual powerhouse, post-rockers The Shaking Sensations provide a soundtrack for that notion’s new confidence. Operating in territory explored by Oceansize, Godspeed You! Black Emperor and Mogwai, this Copenhagen five-piece offer something distinctively Danish – severe, frosty and intimate. The band use the familiar armoury of their genre – jarring rythems, simple picked melodies and extended instrumentals – and on album highlight Our Hearts Were Young And Gay melodic contrasts soar. Several tracks, including Glass Wings, are as austere as a Lutheran priest, but remain elegantly beautiful. The term ‘dreamlike’ is overused, but these instrumentals deserve it, and lest anyone imagine The Shaking Sensations are shoegazers, the magnificent closer Homage To Boyhood crushingly dense. Their embrace of post-rock’s minimalist stylings precludes genuine innovation, but their fuzzy meditations brilliantly conjure frustrated hopes and longings. For those skeptical about the notion of this genre, these young Danes may prove it’s territory with possibilities yet to be mined. Review by RM - Prog Magazine (UK)

"Live Review (DUNK festival 2011)"

Om 14u stipt was het dan zo ver en zowaar reeds een eerste hoogtepunt. Nog niet de massa volk aanwezig maar zij die het zagen en hoorden waren tevreden over de prestaties van The Shaking Sensations die met een sobere verlichting maar een heel intens aanvoelende set de tendens van de dag een beetje aangaven. Het opbouwen naar een climax was er ook bij maar vooral door de inbreng van niet een drumstel maar zowaar twee drummers. Een goeie keuze want dat zorgde voor een wel heel diep gaan de climax telkens weer. - Festivalblog

"Live Review (Polish)"

Postrockowy wysyp koncertów rozpoczal sie na dobre. Wraz topniejacym sniegiem coraz wiecej zagranicznych zespolów rusza w intensywne wojaze. Punktem obowiazkowym stal sie dla nich Poznan, lecz w tym przypadku zahaczono równiez i o Wroclaw. The Shaking Sensations, mlody zespól silnie zwiazany ze wspomnianym nurtem muzycznym, odwiedzil po raz pierwszy polska publicznosc.

Swoich fanów dopiero pozyskuja – kopenhaska formacja zadebiutowala samodzielnie nagranym minialbumem „This is Your Hellfire Religion!” w marcu 2010 roku. Ich debiutancka dlugograjaca plyta jest jeszcze w przygotowaniu. Poszczególne kompozycje, które sie na niej znajda, mozna jednak juz uslyszec podczas wystepów. The Shaking Sensations wspóldzielili juz scene z takimi zespolami jak Russian Circles, Caspian czy Gifts From Enola, jednak w ich utworach wyczuc mozna bardziej energie w stylu Explosions In The Sky czy This Will Destroy You.

Podczas polskich koncertów przekonac mozna sie bylo, ze u TSS odnalezc mozna wiele, co z postrockiem jest wiazane – byly sciany przestrzennych dzwieków, bardzo intensywne i geste gitarowe melodie. Byly nawet (obowiazkowe i z przymruzeniem oka traktowane) koszule w krate. Calosc wzbogacona przejmujaca ekspresja i skupieniem. Dlugie wschodzace kompozycje balansowaly pomiedzy subtelnymi i halasliwymi zapetlonymi melodiami. Wtórowaly temu az dwa zestawy perkusyjne, skutecznie podbijajace rytmike utworów. Jednakze za tymi estetycznymi wyznacznikami zdradzajacymi zródla inspiracji, czailo sie jeszcze cos. Nieskrepowana radosc wynikajaca z tworzenia i grania muzyki, bezposredniosc w przekazywaniu emocji i przekuwaniu jej na gitarowe dzwieki oraz przede wszystkim mlodziencza energia i zapal.

Jeppe, Mads, Jakob, Jens oraz Christian wkladaja wiele serca w to co robia – i to sie po prostu slyszy. Jesli ktos oczekiwal po ich wystepie odkrywczosci to mógl sie troche zawiesc. Natomiast jesli pozwolil sie poprowadzic artystom podczas tych trzech muzycznych kwadransów, to z pewnoscia mógl przyjemnie spedzic ten czas. The Shaking Sensations to równiez grupa dobrych znajomych o podobnej wrazliwosci i zblizonym podejsciu do jej artykulowania. Jesli taka forma jest i Wam bliska, to zdecydowanie warto siegnac do ich twórczosci. -

"Step Foward Young Soldier - Track review"

Shaking Sensations - Step Foward Young Soldier

Closely following the American school of post-rock, Shaking Sensations is a Danish quartet armed with twinkling guitars, crescendoing symbols, and rich bass tones. "Step Forward Young Soldier" is taken from the band's first release, the two track EP The Battle for Shah-e-Kot Valley. Here we witness the gradual swells and ripples that so well demarcate American instrumental rock. The band weave in and out of their sonic environment, tightly knitting a vivid portrait for the audience and not letting go until the very last drum beat.

Although Shaking Sensations still have yet to shrug off their influences, this is certainly an ambitious young project with their sites set on greater things. Never underestimate the Danish, they evolve quicker than their peers and readily step across boundaries in the blink of an eye. Recommended for fans of Explosions in the Sky, Giants, and This Will Destroy You, for now at least...

-Jordan Volz - The Silent Ballet

"This is Your Hellfire Religion! Review"

This group of Denmark rockers are starting to make their presence known in the now, again, quickly growing Post-Rock scene. In the early 2000's, Post-Rock began on a steep decline after such hits by Sigur Ros and Godspeed set the tone for the entire genre. Yet recently, Post-Rock has begun to see a plethora of new bands burst out and try to revive the dying sound. Such bands as Constants, Gifts From Enola, Caspian and If These Trees Could Talk have jump started the new progress of the music, and are transforming it into a much more Atmospheric style.
The Shaking Sensation formed in 2005, but this is their first real EP, after only releasing a demo beforehand. But what a piece of music it is. Not nessesarily genre changing of course, nor exactly fresh, but it showcases the sound mixture of Shoe-gaze and Post-Rock VERY well. The Atmosphere in this album, and the pure emotion of the music is rather breathtaking to say the least in my opinion. And after 5 years of not releasing an EP, you may have to wonder was all that time a chance for them to find and refine their sound, and put everything they had into it? My answer is yes. Recently they added another member to the band, to give perhaps a bit more power. Thus, the band now contains 2 guitars, 1 bass and 2 drummers.
One of my favorite parts about this album as a whole package is the cover. The songs really do this work of art justice. As the cover conveys waning hope and despair within the fiery depths of the forest, so does the music drown you in emotion and raw power. This is one band I will keep my eye on very, very closely in the coming years, and expect truly great things from their hopefully soon to come full length. - Rise From The Ashes

"This is Your Hellfire Religion! Review"

De fire eksil-jyder, der udgør den nu købehavnske kvintet The Shaking Sensations, har med deres ep This Is Your Hellfire Religion! begået en fortrinlig fortolkning af den instrumentale postrocks ambiente facetter. Knugende distorsion og lange, hypnotiske kompositioner præger de 30 minutters maleriske, kollagelignende musikstykker. Pladen er inddelt i to sektioner, som hver udgøres af to numre, der dog ikke er let adskillelige. Projektet er stoppet til randen med både æstetiske, men også litterære prætentioner (læg bl.a. mærke til ordspillet “In Truman’s Blood”), men hvor dette kunne være endt i kvalm, kunstnerisk overambition hos et mindre kompetent orkester, bliver det på This Is Your Hellfire Religion! omsat til et både underholdende og engagerende udtryk.

Hvad der især taler til bandets fordel, er dets evne til at økonomisere med de effektive virkemidler. Til trods for den sløve, langsommeligt opbyggende natur musikken præges af, så løber de enkelte passager aldrig ud i sandet, men lægger i stedet ganske naturligt op til næste del, og det er ganske imponerende, hvorledes crescendoerne aldrig bliver hverken forcerede eller uinteressante. Det hele forløber ganske flydende – i organisk bevægelse mod de naturlige klimakser.

Selvfølgelig trækker det en smule ned, at udtrykket ikke er synderligt originalt, og de skotske pionerer Mogwai (især anno Young Team) klinger igennem på hele udgivelsen, men dette til trods er der alligevel en god inkorporering af andre elementer, og især de reverbede, mere subtile guitarpassager fungerer rigtig godt – ligesom Bark Psycosis’ mere introverte, næsten mysticistiske passager føjer disse til et varieret, kontemplativt musikalsk univers.

Formatet passer således rigtig godt til bandets lyd – den halve time udnyttes tæt på optimalt – så det bliver utroligt spændende at se, hvad denne gruppe kan levere på deres fuldlængdedebut, der efter sigende bliver indspillet til sommer. Man kan kun håbe, at gruppen kan leve op til det forventningspres, en overordnet set imponerende ep har skabt hos undertegnede anmelder. -


Start Stop Worrying (Pelagic Records, 2013)
East of Youth ALBUM (Pad & Pen Records, 2011)
This Is Your Hellfire Religion! - EP (Pad & Pen Records, 2010)
Basement Recordings - Demo (2008)
The Battle for Sha-E-Kot Valley - Demo (2006)



Copenhagen post-rockers, The Shaking Sensations, initially formed to escape the confines of their small, desolate and windy town in western Denmark. Little did they know, that in doing so, the five-piece would build a reputation that would see them join a group of up-and-coming post-rock bands following in the footsteps of heavyweights like Mogwai and Godspeed You! Black Emperor.

Having released their 2010 debut EP, This Is Your Hellfire Region, the band experienced a sharp rise to prominence in Denmark due to the simple melodies that would lead the listener on a tranquil, dream like journey before culminating in a beautiful, often deafening chaos.

Debut album, East of Youth, encapsulates everything that is good about an over populated genre with tracks like “Our Hearts Were Young and Gay” featuring heart-wrenching guitar work throughout which, while sparse, conjures up a variety of reflective emotions. This is in stark contrast to album closer, “Homage to Boyhood”, which really defines the bands heavier side. The track also showcases why the band have opted for two drummers perfectly, both rhythmically and in terms of the sheer wall of sound they manage to create.

After a support tour for American heavy weight instrumentalists Caspian in the early months of 2012, The Shaking Sensations decided to step back and focus on new songs and sounds. The band’s 2nd full length album, Start Stop Worrying is a evidence of a band that has matured and found itself. Summing up the qualities and the experience from extensive touring and the previous releases, the band is now ready to step out of the shadows and become a significant factor on the instrumental rock scene. Album opener ‘Rocket Summer’ determines that the band is still true to the virtues of the instrumental rock with its heavy hard pounding opening, long build-ups and a epic heavily distorted ending. Tracks such as ‘We Ourselves Alone’, and ‘Anchors’, shows a band willing to go in new directions, leaving the long crescendos out, in favor of more uncompromising song structures and a more forward approach. Album closer, ‘Heavy Entity’ is one long testament to how instrumental rock sounds in 2013, without letting go of the classic well-known means of the genre.

In January 2013, The Shaking Sensations signed with well-reputed Berlin-based label Pelagic Records, home of The Ocean, God is An Astronaut, Earthship and Ef. This indicates a new era in the band’s history, and definitely places The Shaking Sensations amongst the established acts on the scene.