Shaky Hands

Shaky Hands


Shaky Hands is predominantly a live act, energetic, aggressive, danceable, manic, post punk, no wave, party music inclusive of the audience.


Shaky Hands came together in the present form in december '05, influenced by the energetic performances of groups such as At the drive-in, Iggy Pop and Ex Models. We played our first gig in January 06 in Auckland NZ, shortly after recording 6 tracks which have just been released in NZ and Australia through Speak n Spell Records, and Universal Music. In the first 9 months of being together we have played over 70 shows, including 5 NZ tours, and 2 Australian tours, supporting acts such as whirlwind heat, We are Scientists, and steriogram.
Shaky hands is predominantly a live band, and view the live performance as an opportunity to create an atmosphere in which both the performer and the audience can engage in collective celebration, through song and dance.


ep 'Cut off your hands' 2006 Speak n Spell
singles with air play:
You and I,
Takes Slowly Over
Tell Me About
You and I

Video for You and I:

Set List

Set list, anywhere from 20-40 minutes, mostly originals, with some covers, medleys etc
Tell Me About
Takes Slowly Over
Little Old Baby
Shark Attack (split enz)
Blue on Blue
Oh Girl
Let Go
You and I