The Shallows

The Shallows

 Bothell, Washington, USA

We are an exciting, original band with a variety of different music styles. If you wanna have a great time and party, come to our show. Everybody has a favorite song by the end of the night. We're playing at around 10 p.m., but we'll be there all night havin' fun.


Band out of Stanwood, Washington! We got Erv West on guitar and vocals - the crazy and wild antics of this front man will leave you with a smile and the urge to let loose and party. Toast is also on guitar and vocals - this guy is down to party and rock out anytime, anywhere. Jobi Won Kinobi is on bass and vocals - this guy is a rare breed with a heart of gold and a dream to play for the masses. D.J. Tony Balfazar is a punisher of the drums - he's got one of the biggest smiles on his face when he's hitting hard.
The Shallows started playing together around January 2010 with just two guitars (Erv and Toast) and D.J. Tony on the drums. Song writing had begun, but they were always looking for a great bassist...until they met Jobi at a house party in July. From there, they were off with strong momentum on their way to greatness.
Unlike most bands, The Shallows plays songs from several genres. Their greatest influence, Ween, is an inspiration to their creativity. The Shallows puts on an eclectic and energetic live show that is the bane of all boredom.


The Shallows' latest live recordings can be found on Myspace Music.

Set List

Shallow Like Me
Take A Shot With Me
Dead End Kids
Pity Party
Pretty Pretty
Ocean Man - Ween
Bob - NOFX
Where Is My Mind - The Pixies