The Shame

The Shame


80s punk mixed with 90s dance beats and chatty hooks


We formed in 05 since then we've play over 115 gigs including 3 UK tours. We've been play on BBC Radio 1, BBC Essex, recorded a live session for New York radio station Breakthruradio, played Offset Festival, played Club Artrocker and Club NME nights. This year we completely changed our sound and look. We now wear a uniform on stage, Red, Blue and Green shirts with black ties, black trousers and black shoes. Our music is much listenable from our pervious music. We are about to record a new single with 'Mike Spink' (Kaiser Cheifs, Dead 60s)


Cosmic Love - Single (Released 9/04/08 Dual Records)
Radio play - BBC Radio1, BBC Essex, NME Radio, Artrocker Radio, BBC Leeds, Breakthruradio, Gateway FM, Pheniox FM.
Reviews - NME, The Fly, Artrocker, Losingtoday, BBC Introducing.

Set List

Face In a Crowd
It Writes Itself
Cosmic Love
Vacant Rooms
Electric Chairs
The Riff Raff