The Sham Wives

The Sham Wives


An instrumental quintet that combines elements of jam bands, funk, jazz, soul, & blues. Expect to hear extended improvisations built on complimentary, intertwined melodies.


With a lineup that solidified in the summer of 2008, The Sham Wives are a fresh new jazz/funk combo out of Chattanooga, Tennessee. They've presented high energy shows with dancable grooves on the local level.



Set List

The Sham Wives have a little over two hours worth of original material. We prefer having two one-hour-long sets, though we can play a very long single set.

Original Tunes:

Do You Bebop
Sautéed Squash
Great Scott!
Freaky on the Floor
Shammed Out
Le Grand
Daughter of God
John's Beat
Pool Party
Off the Top
Funk Fritter

Cover Tunes:

Blue Monk
Cissy Strut
Fried Grease
Watermelon Man
Mercy, Mercy, Mercy