The Shape For Memory

The Shape For Memory

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The music is us, no doubt, we're a group that combines elements of creativity from various influencial favorites who create good music. Our interweaving style consumes much patience and understanding from one another, like brothers. Fans of: Minus the Bear, Get Up Kids, Gym Class Heroes


Formed in early 2008, The Shape For Memory has since molded the very being of themselves as somewhat wholehearted, and creative individuals. They drive on influence and originality, inexplicable towards the very nuclei of their song, casting reflections of a new musical flavour. Most genres are very relative in time, and also have various patterns or signatures. The band proves this statement boldly, giving the right feeling and potential of what could be the next breakthrough for interweaving genre and continuity, as much as soul.

Set List

1. Intro
2. Stephen, My Lisp Is Gone
3. Questions
4. Nothing On ( A Complex Being)
5. Afternoon In the Morning
6. Up the Stairs, Good Privacy
7. Our Libido Sciendi
8. Outtro