The Shareholders

The Shareholders

 Jupiter, Florida, USA
BandBluesClassic Rock

High energy classic rock, blues and funk with lots of crowd interaction and participation.
Big, tight, professional sound with no "Rock Star" egos.


The Shareholders have been gigging in the northern Palm Beach County / Martin County area for over 15 years. Our current lineup includes 2 guitars, bass, drums, and a Hammond B3. On any given night we have a myriad of friends who come sit in with us to keep the improv edge on the show.

Strong vocals, signature lead and slide, solid rhythms and smoking organ create the sound. A huge song list and lots of interaction with the crowd creates the show. We don't have a pre-set, one-size-fits-all show; our song selection is based on who's in the crowd at any given moment.

Balance is everything.A big key for The Shareholders is gigging enough to be tight and in sync, but not so much that any gig is just another show. We want to get the crowd fired up, but not out of control. Every gig is like a party for us, but we never forget that we're professionals.