The Sharking

The Sharking


Intelligent, non-pretentious rock.


Sometimes there is nothing you need more than to listen to a good pop album. Don’t worry, The Sharking are here to help. On their debut EP, The Sharking present six wonderful songs that will make your whole day better. This is the brand of pop to which even the snobbiest of music critics will not be embarrassed to sing along.

The Sharking are from Boston. Each member has played music for more than 10 years and it shows. The music is polished in a good way; it’s a bonbon for your ears. Think Elvis Costello, Sugar, Spoon, Apples in Stereo. The lyrics are creative and simple, but subtly skeptical. “Calculations,” the opening song on the EP, draws you in immediately, and then the band shows off their more emotional side on “Life Has Been” and “Silver Lining.” The latter is just angst enough for you to relate (“Here I am/ On the sober side of perfect/ Looking for what I thought was worth it/ Nobody’s worth their weight in gold anymore”), but the music itself never ventures below hopeful.

Once you get to the super-upbeat strains of “Listen Up” you are completely hooked by this band. “Ocean” is the whip cream on the cheesecake; there is another juxtaposition of cynical lyrics – “Wish that you could see me now/ I know you’d be smiling ear to ear/And you’d say ‘I told you so’/And you’d pick a spot and watch me drown” – and optimistic major-key music. Before the last song, “Stop, Look, and Listen,” even ends you’re looking for your CD player’s ‘Repeat All’ button.

The Sharking have had lots of practice to make them the artists they are today. Marc Flynn graduated from the Berklee College of Music, and has been in several bands including Drexel, Big D & The Kids Table, and currently plays piano in Frank Smith. Ted Billings also attended Berklee for a while, and spent time touring with Slater. Emeen is in film school and also plays in another band, The Sterns; he used to front Boston group Sgt. Peterson. Anthony took classes at New York’s School of Visual Arts, and he spent 10 years with his band Kicked in the Head from Boston. Whether it was the education or experience or both, listeners will be glad they’ve honed their skills to this point because it makes for an amazingly flawless-in-a-not-overproduced-way release.

The Sharking EP will make you anxious to hear what they do next.

- Becki Carr



Written By: Marc Flynn / Ted Billings

I've calculated the distance between good and bad ideas. The findings tell us that it's not that far. So let the words spill out, unfiltered from your mouth and we'll act like it matters. So let the words spill out, unfiltered from your mouth, the meanings have been frayed. Cam you see the world tonight. Stars aren't shining quite as bright. The angels sent from above are losing their wings so quickly. I'll start pretending you are a person only because decorum dictates.

Life Has Been

Written By: Marc Flynn

Life had been, at least it seems to me, rife with some discontent and insincere apologies, made by the people who it seems self evident, made the decision that their happiness is heaven sent. Tell me when you walk through the door and you're put through the paces and you're greeted by the smiles on their oh so vacant faces you can read whats on their minds. You can see what's on their minds. How is it everyone knows exactly what I've done before the morning comes. And the walls start shaking and the walls start breaking down.


self-titled/self-released EP

Set List

The Sharking's set consists of original music, typically runs 30 - 40 minutes and includes: Listen up, The Ocean, Never Know, Silver Lining, Life Has Been, Calculations, Stars, Rhythm of the Day, Mexico.