The Sharpies
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The Sharpies

San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, Mexico

San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, Mexico
Band Rock Alternative


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"More Kitch"

"The sharpies have more energy, kitsch, talent and panache than any band to come out of this area, ever."
- Jeremy Smith - Program Director KRZQ

"Fun Stripped-Down Rock"

"Expect a classic garage rock sound laced with punk and blues influences. It's not heavy, it's not pop. It's really just high-energy, fun, stripped-down rock n' roll."

-Tripp Mickle - Action Magazine

"Supermans Powers"

To describe The Sharpies sound would be like describing Superman's powers. To have someone explain it to you does it little justice; you need to see the show for yourself."

-Jason Mauritz - The Lowdown

"Closest Thing To Sex"

Drag Racing is the closest thing I know to sex, but The Sharpies are pretty close to drag racing!"

-Nina Ski - All About Art


"These guys are definitely musicians… You'll find them irresistible, infectious and just fun. Check them out. You'll understand."

-Miss Merry - The Bot


3 Song Bomb (3 song EP)
The Sharpies (self titled 12 songs available on CD Baby)
Get Around (4 Song EP)



After hundres of shows, San Miguel De Allende based band The Sharpies are pros at giving people what they want; a fun night of smiling,laughingand dancing that fans come back to enjoy again and again and again. After taking a break from touring in the United States The Sharpies have regrouped in Mexico and begun touring with a host of new material that they are preparing for their next album. And as they create each new smile during their live show one thing is clear. The Sharpies are establishing themselves as one of the funnest rock bands around.
Consisting of Seth Sharp on guitar and Tomás Más on drums the two musicians come from opposite sides of the world. Seth grew up in the mountains of Northern California, trudging through 5 meters of snow every winter and going to the lake in the summer. Whereas Tomás Más grew up on the streets of Chíle where he bounced on and off the street at a very early age.  “I finally found home in the arts.” Says Tomás who is both an accomplished Painter and Musician. On bass and violin is Kati Kabroni, a Classically trained musician who studied piano, chelo and violin in both Chicago and San Miguel De Allende
Today Seth and Tomás are like brothers, but growing up music may be the only thing that they had in common. “I did anything to play in bands,” says Seth “I once drove 2 hours and missed my girlfriends going away party just to jam for a couple of hours with some guys who agreed to let me play” By the time Tomás was 20 years old he had already played and toured with 7 different bands, in the US and Chile. In addition to being a classically trained musician, Kati is an accomplished ballet dancer, and if she wasn't playing rock and roll in Mexico she would be on the Russian stage dancing for Barishnikov.
The Sharpies actually started as a concept. “We had played with lots of bands that were very serious.” Says Seth, “and wanted to do something that would make everyone laugh and have fun, so we made 2 rules for ourselves. RULE 1) Nothing could be too serious. and RULE 2) It had to be fun for everyone, both band and audience.”
Drawing from influences such as AC/DC, The Kinks and The White Stripes, The Sharpies soon found themselves doing both radio and TV shows, headlining large tours and opening for bands such as Lit, The Sounds, Morningwood and punk legends The Buzzcocks. Radio station have even made public pleas and announcements to get The Sharpies to play their events
There is no question that The Sharpies resound with a young audience, the bidding wars between clubs in San Miguel to get the Sharpies to play at their venue confirm this. So in an effort to reach everyone Seth, Tomás and Kati booked an evening show in San Miguel for an older crowd at an old Theater.
“I’ve never played a show like that,” Recalls Kati, “we sold out the entire theater, and at the end of the show as we hit the last chord the entire room rose to their feet with applause! People left saying ‘we don’t listen to Rock music, but we love you guys!’” “It was the most surreal show I’ve ever played.” says Tomás. “An entire room of white hair all moving to the beat of my drums.”
The Sharpies have begun touring again and are currently preparing songs for their next album. As they do, they are finding their audience the best way possible. By opening their arms to a crowd of strangers, making each one of them their friends, and then taking them on the wild ride the Sharpies are known for - a ride that must be experienced to be understood.
"Our audience is our number one priority.” Says Tomás “In fact we don’t go out on a limb for our audience,” Say Seth, “we go out on the twigs.” and with a broad grin adds. “and I’m not sure who has more fun, doing it, them or us.” Either way The Sharpies are doing what they set out to do, and Mexico is lucky enough to be there with them to enjoy the ride.