The Sharp Perspective

The Sharp Perspective


The Sharp Perspective’s groove-based sound is a blend of jazz, funk, blues and pop overlaid with refreshingly frank and quirkily descriptive lyrics.


Lesley knew Leon and Leon knew Tom. So they hooked up and went for a curry at the Shabab on Eastgate in Leeds and hatched a plan over a naan to form a baaand. The result is The Sharp Perspective, a tight-knit ensemble of like-minded lovers of groove.

Lesley B Sharp: vocals

Born in Scotland, Lesley started singing at the age of seven. She was a member of Glasgow Youth Choir for 10 whole years, but all that fell by the wayside when she discovered jazz. Oh, and boys. It wasn’t until many years and several career tangents later that she started singing in public again, this time in restaurants in and around Leeds as one half of a jazz duo. Having worked as a professional actress for four years and an advertising copywriter for many more, Lesley has a penchant for wordplay... which goes a long way to explaining her unique lyrical style and her engaging live performances.

Tom Quayle: guitar

Christmas Day 1995, and fifteen-year-old Tom Quayle ripped the wrapping paper off his first guitar, a lime green electric with all the finesse of a cheese grater. Unperturbed, the intrepid teenager practised fervently for four years and played in rock and funk bands until he arrived on the doorstep of jazz. Enrolling at Leeds College of Music, he recorded two jazz guitar albums during his studentship, and graduated with honours in jazz studies in 2002. Today, Tom teaches guitar at the Yamaha music school and mentors a group of gifted musical children as well as composing for and playing with More Month than Money. Busy man.

Leon Stevens: bass

Despite the fact that he really wanted to play the trumpet, Leon started off learning flute at the tender age of seven. He switched to keys when the Stevens family moved from their flat to a thick-walled house and his dad bought an organ. Fast forward to his teens and you’d find Leon in church, playing gospel piano and turning his hand to any instrument thrown at him. Like Tom, he’s a Leeds College of Music alumnus and, whilst bass was originally his second instrument, these days it’s in pole position. Leon played up and down the country in his old man’s calypso band and in numerous jazz, funk and covers outfits before setting up More Month than Money.

Al Roberto: drums

Al's been gigging with grown-ups since the age of 13. He's only 21 now, but he's already a dad and has given up on hardcore partying. Is this normal behaviour for a drummer, we wonder? Anyhow, he's the new boy on the block and we're well impressed with his chops (on drums and in the kitchen).


Bring on the Bad Weather

Written By: Lesley B Sharp

It’s the middle of winter on a stormy night
I’m pretending to be frightened so you’ll hold me tight
I’m in your arms and we’re under the covers
If lightning strikes us now we’ll be chargrilled lovers

It’s like the end of the world, the sky is so dark
But you’re like Mr Noah and I’m in your ark
Let it rain, let it rain, let it rain for forty days
If I can have this warm, safe feeling always

It’s raining so hard seems like the windows might shatter
But I’m lying here with you so it don’t matter
The wind is a banshee howling to get in
So I cuddle up close, breathe the warmth of your skin

I’m listenin’ to the thunder as it rolls above my head
I know no harm will come to me when I am in your bed
The trees outside the window they creak and they hiss
You hold me even closer and baby I’m in bliss

Gimme a Clue

Written By: Lesley B Sharp

I wonder if there’s any mileage
In the way you always show me your ample smileage
Does everyone get to see you shine?
Or is the privilege purely mine?

When it comes to reading the signs
All of a sudden I’m deaf, dumb and blind
I’ve been fooled too many times
Trying to read a man’s mind
So I’m telling you now if it’s true
If you think what I think you think
Gimme a clue

I wonder if there’s optical trickery
In the way your eyes sparkle when you look at me
Does everyone get to see that glow?
Or am I the only one that you show?

I wonder if you’re trying to make things clear
In the way you always sit so near
Does everyone get to share your space?
Or am I reserved this special place?


Written By: Lesley B Sharp

I wasn’t really looking, just having a browse
When all of a sudden you got me aroused
You said if I was looking for some bedtime reading
Maybe you’d be just the thing that I was needing

I judged the book by the way it looked
The fancy cover caught my eye
I judged the book by the way it looked
Should’ve known it was a lie

So I flipped over and read your synopsis
It said “If you like a thriller, no other can top this”
Whoo, now that’s a story I’d like to hear
Should’ve known from the start that it would all end in tears


I couldn’t put you down, thought my heart was gonna pop
It was way past my bedtime but I didn’t wanna stop
I tried to hide my torchlight under the duvet
But you saw through that and boy did you love it!


So things didn’t get past chapter one
You lost your fly leaf in the first print run
I read between the lines, I analysed your text
But I knew all along what would happen next


You see I knew deep down it was the same old tale
Of a soft-hearted woman and a hardback male
When will I ever learn from my mistake?
That a fancy jacket does not a good book or a good man
A good book, or a good man, a good book, or a good man
A good book, or a good man…make!

Customs Lady

Written By: Lesley B Sharp

Let me look into your eyes, let me look into your soul
I don’t know the half of it, I wanna know the whole
I’m the customs lady lookin’ into your case
I wanna check your baggage right down to the base

Show me what you’re made of; the good, the bad, the high, the low
Before we get it on drop the show
Show me what you’re made of; the high, the low, the good, the bad
Before we get it on drop the façade

Let me look into your eyes, let me look into your soul
I don’t know the half of it, I wanna know the whole
I’m the wardrobe mistress checkin’ down to your socks
I wanna see your hang-ups and your personal props


Let me look into your eyes, let me look into your soul
I don’t know the half of it, I wanna know the whole
I’m the watchmaker lady and I’m takin’ the time
Wanna see how you tick, talk, wind up and chime, chime, chime…


Mini Statement: 4-track demo

The Sharp Perspective debut album: coming to a download site near you in autumn 2008!

Set List

We currently deliver just over an hour's set of original material:

Beam me up, totty!
Be the man
Bring on the bad weather
Customs lady
Dancing queen
Empty bed bliss
Gimme a clue
I knew
Man versus machine