The Sharp Tongues

The Sharp Tongues


An explosive duo, The Sharp Tongues perfectly combine finely honed tunes with a raw, hungry live performance.


The Sharp Tongues is a new band comprised of the unforgettable Marcus Quin (The Silt) and the unstoppable Julia Muth (ex-Creeping Nobodies, The Piney Wolves, Celestino), together they are unquestionably the best new band that Toronto has to offer. Julia and Marcus both lived in a very quiet household for nearly a year before one day Marcus said “hey, do you wanna jam some time?” Julia replied “uh...yeah, how about now?” And thus, The Sharp Tongues were born and quiet-time was over. Marcus’ one-man-band style bass and drums became the perfect platform for Julia’s searing guitar and icy vocals. The Sharp Tongues can give it to you hard, slow, hot and fast, Julia’s sweet licks and Marcus’ deep pounding rhythm are sure to satisfy. Julia Muth is not your average girl. Raised by gypsies in the ozarks of Ontario, she has never quite fit in. She likes it that way. Her past musical endeavours have included the little known, much loved Celestino and the ever changing, ever impressive Creeping Nobodies, for which she held the post of lead guitarist/sometime singer for the formative years of the band's existence. Now, she is out on her own and she is raring to go! Marcus Quin isn't content to play just one instrument at a time like everyone else. "It helps take my mind off things" says he. He plays simul-drums 'n' bass in The Silt, but now harder and faster with The Sharp Tongues. He adds "I wasn't raised by gypsies, but by Irish people." One of his first revelations at age four was watching a drummer on the telly play the high hats. "I thought that you opened the cymbals up and stuck the stick inside and hit them up and down. I thought about that for years...


We are currently recording with Jeff McMurrich at Halla Music and plan on releasing our debut album this Fall.

Set List

A condensed set of 10-12 sonic bursts lasting 2-4 minutes each in duration. We play a cover of Bewitched by Beat Happening.