The Shattuck Brothers

The Shattuck Brothers


California Country at its best. The Shattuck Brothers are a modern country act in the vein of the Eagles, Tim McGraw, and Keith Urban. We are a vocal duo with a full band. Soaring vocals, ripping instrumentals, and passionate performances are the hallmark of our act.


Ricky Lee Shattuck:

Ricky Lee Shattuck has been performing his entire life.  "I first began singing at home," says Ricky Lee.  "Our whole family sang and Randy and I used to sing Elvis tunes where I'd be Elvis and he'd try to be the entire Stamps Quartet."

Ricky Lee has recorded on numerous projects in Nashville.  However, his vocal talent really shines through on this project.  "Vince Gill calls it blood harmonies and that's what Randy and I have."  Ricky Lee's tremendous vocal range shows through when he digs out bass notes on "It's Time" and soars on  faucetto lines on "I Get A Little Lost Sometimes."

"What I like most about this project is that my brother wrote all of the songs for me," says Ricky Lee.  "I have never had a writer consciously try to put things in my range and write to show off my abilities.  While I genuinely like most of the music I have recorded on other projects, this music really suits me - from touching ballads to up tempo rockin' tunes."

Ricky's musical influences are too numerous to mention, but most great singers make the list, including Elvis, Steve Perry, Roy Orbison, Ronny Dunn, and many others.

Randy Shattuck:

Randy Shattuck is a seasoned composer, studio musician, and song-writer.  Randy produced The Shattuck Brother's self-titled debut album, wrote all 14 songs, and played numerous instruments on the project in addition to providing background vocals on all but one song.

Prior to this project, Randy produced three other instrumental guitar albums and played in several combos.  "I find myself most at home in Country music" says Randy.  "The first songs I remember hearing as a child were from Hank Williams Sr. who my dad really liked.  Johnny Cash was another staple in our house growing up.  Man In Black still gives me chills," says Randy.

"My influences are too diverse to mention in such a small space.  But a few players do stand out - Stevie Ray Vaughn, Joe Maphis, Steve Vai, Chet Atkins, Bryan Setzer, and Jimmy Bryant.  But I also love the sound of rich vocals and great stories like what you get with the Eagles."  

"Ricky and I have been singing together our entire lives, since we were kids at our mother's knee listening to her play guitar and sing the songs she wrote.  So I guess you could say she is my biggest musical influence.  I would not be able to do what I do now had it not been for her."
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The Shattuck Brothers self-titled debut is the first effort between two seasoned musicians as a vocal duo. Both Ricky Lee and Randy Shattuck have been playing and singing live and in the studio for many years.

Set List

Ol' Kentucky
I Cry
My Mark On The World
Your Gift Still Grows
I Get A Little Lost Sometimes
In Each Other's Arms
It's Time
Love Is True
My Grandma
Climb Out Of The Bottle
She's The One
Texas Stew
Tangerine Strings

We also perform a variety of covers from the Eagles, Dierks Bentley, Johnny Cash, Brooks & Dunn, LoneStar, Beach Boys, Gatlin Brothers, Clapton.

Our sets are typically one hour on with 20 off. We usually perform 2 sets per event, depending on the venue and the needs of the concert promoter.