the she creatures

the she creatures


all girl band from the planet Venus, 4 blue haired,blue eyed beauties rockin out in the sexiest of space outfits. they write and play great rock/pop songs. there stage performance holds the audience under a spell. these are aliens you will welcome!


The She Creatures are here, their mission: to take over your planet!

Comin' at you with their highly infectious rockin' tunes, these Venusian vixens will meld your minds and blast you with their deadly love ray. Inspired by radio waves from 1960’s Earth which only reached Venus last year, they took garage, pop, soul and rock'n'roll and transformed it with their interplanetary energy into sounds that no human can resist. Bringing you intriguing stories of life on other planets, of space madness, man radars and rocket rides.
The ultra-sexy Nancy Raygun delivers lead vocals and guitar and eats humans for breakfast - cross her and you’ll be begging for mercy! Princess Slayer is the master of the keys - she may look sweet but she will slay any disobedient earthlings. Haley Comet provides pounding bass rhythms and seductive theremin that will entrance all mortals. The bewitching Elektra Statik batters the drums with the power of Godzilla! All this, and adorned in the sexiest of space-girl uniforms, these are space invaders you will welcome


she creatures invade have been played on USA radio. space madness/radar have been released in spain.

Set List

she creatures invade,space madness,fever,rocket ride,hungry,radar,take off,holy void,sexy robot.
45 minute set.